Best Graphics Preset by mc2rok v 1.0

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Today i finished my best graphic preset for 1.35 /directx11.
There are no fps drops with that preset.
Better colors
brighter cockpit
and many more

Readme file is included.
And remember to choose dx11 in the config.



11 thoughts on “Best Graphics Preset by mc2rok v 1.0

  1. Amazing work mc2rok thanks so much for sharing mate!

    1. thx. additionally i use project next gen but only base and vegetation.

  2. Hi mc2rok many thanks for your hard work. What setting do I have to change to make the colours a little brighter they look a little washed out for me?.

    1. i think change tonemap a bit. saturation i think

      1. Great and thanks for the quick reply

  3. tunning6000

    Top mod,amazing job,thanks

  4. Mod niezły,ale wymiotować już się chce od tego koloru różowego!!!

  5. What? you just increased brightness which can already be done in options?

    1. no, i did set better colors and saturation with technicolors 1 and 2, too. sorry for making a preset -.-

  6. Taiwan001

    I really like this mod.
    Is there an ATS version? Just bought ATS this steam sales 🙂

    1. it should work for ats, too.

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