Better engines for MAZ 504


Do you like this truck but you don’t like its engines? Well, you only have to install this mod!

– NEW 750HP engine
– NES 1000HP engine

Tested on: 1.19.x – Don’t work on earlier versions.

Base Mod – Kostik Mironov
New Engines – MrChrHD aka Bunny

You can do everything you want with this mod. If you want to post this on another website/forum, please INCLUDE THE ETS2 ITALIAN FORUM THREAD LINK and the ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK.

MrChrHD aka Bunny


2 thoughts on “Better engines for MAZ 504

  1. Ah ha hahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa . People make new b”ll s”it mods . 750 – 1000 !? Maybe try to create 99999999999 HP MAZ truck ? Kids . )))))))

    1. LOL

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