Big Garage Wolter Koops


Tested version 1.22.x

Credits: HomerS, Fred_be

* Respect the download link *


8 thoughts on “Big Garage Wolter Koops

  1. Ragnar Modding

    Good job again….
    But dont work with scandinavian Dlc….
    Best regards

  2. Merci beaucoup Fred

    Travail remarquable comme d’habitude

    Cordialement JAMI54

  3. Thank you Ragnar
    I look if I can change it and make it compatible with DLC

    1. Ragnar Modding

      Thx mate. My comapany/garage is in aalborg denmark and it would be nice….

  4. Hedegaard

    Hi Fred_be

    It would be soo good if you can make it work with Scandinavia DLC..
    I have tried the Hindelang and it doesnt work with Scandinavia DLV either..

  5. It wont work b/c its a different prefab for the garage

    1. I mean there no signs on the garage roofs in the North

  6. Hello Fred have treid to make my own company board but don’t works is it possible to learn me to do, don’t how to save as in dds

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