Mercedes MP4 4163 SLT

Mercedes-MP4-4163-SLT-1 Mercedes-MP4-4163-SLT-2 Mercedes-MP4-4163-SLT-3

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Hello, seems to celebrate the holidays Give versions of the Mercedes MP4 SLT I hope you like it you greet Diablo

To act correctly are 2 files automatic and Mercedes also adds 50k wheels Alcoa Wheel Pack For All SCS Truck Brands
You can insert into other forums provided orginalnego insert a link to download and video
Next upgrade cabin accessory

Authors: Diablo, scs


40 thoughts on “Mercedes MP4 4163 SLT

  1. MikkelSmikkel

    My link doesn’t work?

    1. Yaa the link is not working!!

  2. SIr!! Your are absolutely the best. I had been waiting for this mod ever since the truck was launched in the game.

  3. Steve DaModza White

    Just need the Arocs now haha 😀

  4. Nice job mate! Can you make something like this in next update?

    It’s beautiful

  5. link works only need a couple of times to try

  6. Where you download 8×4 chassis? 🙂

  7. DragonModz

    hmm seems like a model from someone who made a mega mod for this and sells it….

    1. DragonModz

      yh same model as Maxim Gerasenko from the group

  8. Dragon everything there is to do sometimes better sometimes worse

    1. DragonModz

      the front looks the same to me and the chassis overall

  9. So, is this mod stolen or not?

    1. DragonModz

      the owner says not but from this pics it looks suspicious atleast for me

  10. hi
    Create Mercedes arocs mod!!!?

  11. 1080p HD Review:
    Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy it 🙂

  12. Nico is my private slt

    1. Keep doing your job, pal! Forgete de ###### bags… And try make more details and DLC ok?

  13. the link is not working!!

    1. Benjamin meis

      Wann kommt das update von deinen actros slt mit den cabinen dlc mfg Benjamin meis

    1. Do you have this truck? Wanna trade for other pay mod with me? T908

  14. Diablo~~ 50k wheel mod link please~~~

  15. diablo where is 50k wheel mod link?? please~~

  16. wheels are attached to the house

  17. Benjamin meis

    Guten morgen wollte mal fragen wann das update für den mp4 slt fertiggestellt ist mfg Benjamin meis

  18. can´t change anything? When turning it wobbles like crazy…

  19. No nie! Ten SLT podmienia WSZYSTKIE Actrosy MP4 w salonie i garażu. Czy nie można było zrobić Actrosa SLT na tylko jeden slot w salonie?

  20. eyelid me in which minute film, or put his movie because I’m at home, I noticed not to get swayed

  21. Benjamin meis

    When the update comes from your Actros SLT with cabins, dlc mfg Benjamin Meis

  22. Diablo, is to get that light bar that has over the cab ??

  23. Tomek mod is open so I put the original assignment to the cab and chassis and it will be ok, I did back him for a certain vs and this is only for SLT

  24. Rodrigo did not really know what you far but I’m sure if we can further light on the roof switch on a key will not know if you can for that I left as the author did

  25. Hi, can you please update this for cabin dlc? There is a upgrade uploaded on this site, but, the it’s bugged, the beacons is lowered down into the cabin lol and the CAT Skin does not work. So please update this mod for DLC.

  26. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60 Fps Video

    1. PLEASE read what i wrote, that version is bugged more, the beacon option point in roof is between roof outside and inside cabin. Also, there are no cat skin that works for it, the cat skin that worked with this, does not “work” with the upgrade! I think you raised the cabin to high and thats why both beacon and skin are not fit for this version.

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