Big Heavy Owned Pack v1 [1.39]

☑Aydeniz 3 axe
☑Faymonville 7 axe
☑Faymonville 8 axe
☑Faymonville 10 axe
☑Faymonville 10 axe
☑Goldhofer 3 axe
☑Goldhofer 8 axe
☑Goldhofer 10 axe
☑Goldhofer 10 axe
☑Kasböhrer 4 axe
☑Kasböhrer 5 axe
☑Kasböhrer 6 axe
☑Kasböhrer 10 axe
☑Kasböhrer Tırsan 3 axe
☑Kögel Platform 3 axe
☑Kögel Flatbed 3 axe
☑Öztreyler 3 axe 2 version
☑Serin 3 axe
☑Sertsan 3 axe

has its own specific loads 185 piece.

mods WHEEL adaptive

Model: Umut Kiraz
Edit: Bertan06,A.Ayva
All edit: Blade1974
Cargo model: Blade1974-Ömer Enterli,Sasq

Thank you for your Sasq models

Tested 1.39x

Enjoy the mod!
Please don’t reupload, keep the original link. Thank you.



19 thoughts on “Big Heavy Owned Pack v1 [1.39]

  1. Hell yeah, I needed that

  2. Does not work on 🙁

  3. do you updated Big Heavy Pack pack so I can delete old

    1. former standalone
      new owned

      1. can update Big Heavy Pack too in latest version

  4. HD Video Test 1.39

  5. vanhouten_cz

    Hey Blade, is possible make color on Faymonville little low brighter?

  6. Game crash 🙁
    Game is updated to the last version and i use all the Jazzycat trailers available til now updated.
    When will be availables the other trailers present in version 4.0 for ETS 1.37?


  7. Update, Crash caused by other mod.

    1. Update 1.39
      your game

  8. Could you update pack for freight market ?

    1. will be in the future

  9. goldhover trailer problem crash game says something cant find material ..

  10. sind nicht im spiel bei mir .was brauche ich noch

  11. Hey is every cargo 22t only?

  12. tynol rizki

    same problem too me

  13. Hélder Santos

    Hello, i cant take jobs with this trailers… what i can do?

  14. Hello. Do you have heavier cargoes for the 10 axle trailer? I only found 22tons

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