Big Heavy Owned Pack v2 1.44

☑Aydeniz Sal 3 axe
☑Aydeniz Süt Tanker 3 axe
☑Doll Vario 3 axe
☑Doll Vario 5 axe
☑Doll Vario 8 axe
☑Doll Vario 10 axe
☑Etrc Fia sport 2 axe
☑Etrc Fia sport 3 axe
☑Faymonville 7 axe
☑Faymonville 8 axe
☑Faymonville 10 axe
☑Faymonville 10 axe
☑Goldhofer 3 axe
☑Goldhofer 8 axe
☑Goldhofer 10 axe
☑Goldhofer 10 axe
☑Kassböhrer 4 axe
☑Kassböhrer 5 axe
☑Kassböhrer 10 axe
☑Kassböhrer Silobas 3 axe
☑Kassböhrer Tırsan Platform 3 axe
☑Kögel Platform 3 axe
☑Kögel Flatbed 3 axe
☑Özmen Fuel oil 3 axe
☑Özmen Hardox 3 axe
☑Öztreyler Hdr 670 3 axe
☑Öztreyler Hdr 810 3 axe
☑Öztreyler Platform 3 axe
☑Serin 3 axe
☑Sertsan 3 axe
☑Tırsan Curtain 3 axe
☑Tırsan Sal 3 axe


Tuning All Truck & Trailer Package 1.44 gerektirir.
Big heavy owned v1 modunu ve dorseleri kaldır öyle kur modu
Tuning All Truck & Trailer Package 1.44 essential.
Big heavy owned v1 remove mods and trailers so install mod

Model: Umut Kiraz
Edit: Bertan06,A.Ayva
All edit: Blade1974
Cargo model: Blade1974,Ö.Enterli,Sasq,Roadhunter

Tested 1.44x

Enjoy the mod!
Please don’t reupload, keep the original link. Thank you.



9 thoughts on “Big Heavy Owned Pack v2 1.44

  1. hello can you solve this problem?
    I have seen other trailers with this problem in the package.

    link immage

    1. Wolfgang Bauer

      I downloaded the mod and nothing is displayed for me from the trailers

  2. why dont work on conoy?

  3. may i ask when is the cargo mass contain in your mod i would like to edit it the weight to be abit higher..

  4. hello!
    I have instaled the mod, but i dont seem to find the trailers at all. Went to “buy treiler” and nothing. PLEASE FIX YOUR MOD

  5. Thank you so much for that great mod 🙂 I just can not get jobs for the long 10 axe Goldhofer Trailer even the cargo shows up normal in vehicle browser..have unloaded all other mods but still no jobs for that..can you please help? Thank you so much

  6. Oh found out you forgot to change the content of the company cargo definition files hkimxx.sii .. there is still fkim inside..changing that on all companies solves the problem

    1. Lavilyse

      How is this possible? I also want to fix it:)

      1. you have to go def/company/”company name” and there is files that says hkim1 or 2 or 3 but in them it says fkim you have to change that to hkim.

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