Big Heavy Pack v 1.0

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This mod adding 135 cargo
Faymonville 8 axe
Faymonville 6 Axe
Goldhofer 10 Axe
Goldhofer 3 Axe
Kögel Flatbed 3 Axe
Kögel Sal 3 Axe
Kassbohrer 4 Axe
Steerable Wheels
Liftable axe
Tested version
The trailer is standalone
The trailer not in traffic
Compatible with all trailer packs
Have to sleep 1 in-game days to refresh the joblist with the standard trailers.
Enjoy the mod!

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16 thoughts on “Big Heavy Pack v 1.0


    the oversize trailers is shaking too much

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…


    Fix please oversize trailers physics…

  4. jorgent97

    Hd test….

  5. Thank you, nice pack.
    I noticed the “faymonvile1” trailer chassis has a tare weight of 4900 kg only.
    Other trailer chassis have 14900 kg (so there is a typo error).
    @Karcemackers : if you are familiar with opening def files (open with Winrar or 7zip) you can edit this value with Notepad from 4900 to 14900 kg).I haven’t tried the trailer in game but I suppose stability problem can come from that.
    Otherwise, for many loads the side warning panels don’t need to be unfolded because the width is not oversized.

  6. alaindavid51

    K:\big_heavy_trailer_pack.rar: Checksum error in big heavy pack\big heavy pack.scs. The file is corrupt
    K:\big_heavy_trailer_pack.rar: Unexpected end of archive

  7. GunnzAkimbo

    i think this is taking priority over jazzycats trailer pack, as i do not see any 200T jazzycat trailers now.

    1. and what if you place Jazzycat’s mod above? I get no conflict between the 2 packs and neither with RoadHunters’ packs
      thus I haven’t checked it something is missing, too much to count 🙂

  8. darkexplorer64

    Excellent, hd test

  9. bequilleman25

    Good job, but I have a problem with some trailer too heavy, beyond 57 tons with a scania 730 and a gearbox 12 + 2 I remain hanged on the railway level crossings and in the ascent of d ‘ Highway I can not get to the top. More speed and aderance. You should put less weight 60 tons max. Thank you for your work and good corrections.

  10. @bequilleman25
    Lifting an axle can help but actually it’s more a pb with some SCS prefabs and the road that is bomed in some places.

  11. How to make it available on traffic?

  12. vanhouten_cz

    poor job.

    -wrong wheel textures on default trailers
    -all cargos have same weight – 65 tons (doesnt matter if its cable or tank
    -modes of cargo and trailers dont fit good together

    Fix definition (weight, names etc) instead of making new “models”.


      *models of cargo

  13. pc jogo de pc ets2

  14. The seerable axles is not working
    can u help me in this version?

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