Big Heavy Pack v3.5

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This mod adding 375 cargo
Faymonville 10 Axe
Faymonville 8 Axe
Faymonville 7 Axe
Goldhofer 10 Axe
Goldhofer 8 Axe
Goldhofer 3 Axe
Goldhofer 10 Axe New Train
Kassbohrer 4 Axe
Kassbohrer 5 Axe New
Kassbohrer 6 Axe New
Kögel Panel 3 Axe New
Kögel Flatbed 3 Axe
Kögel Sal 3 Axe
Krone Jumbo 4 Axe
Lamberet 3 Axe
Lowboy 4 Axe
Meiller Kipper 3 Axe
Military Lowbed 3 Axe New
Öztreyler old & new 3 Axe
Schmitz cococola 3 Axe New
Truck Trans 3 Axe New
Truck Transporter 3 Axe

ETS2 1.30+ DLc Scandinavia + DLC France ready
Steerable Wheels
Liftable Axe
The trailer is standalone
The trailer not in traffic(Game Ai system does not accept high pmg)
Compatible with all trailer packs
Have to sleep 1 in-game days to refresh the joblist with the standard trailers.

Enjoy the mod!
* Respect the download link *

Scs, Sisl, jekich1, Tzexpress, Chris45, Donavan, Fred_be, Roadhunter, Ghostlord, Mtkrz, Bertan06, Blade1974


27 thoughts on “Big Heavy Pack v3.5

  1. Bro’ if it works u r my buddy!

  2. Treilers from Creative Commons not work properly always. I hope this works! I have both heavy cargo pack ATS and ETS2. Love this kind of treilers!

  3. Driverstein

    wow,what a trailer pack,thank you very much!

    Video with it:


  4. neranjana

    most amazing trailer pack
    good job
    Test Video

  5. erf dommage fonctionne pas avec la promods 2.26 ouinnnnnn

    1. Et pourquoi pas ???
      J´ai juste essayer (PM2.26+RM1.8+Balkan2.7) et il y´a aucun Problème.

      J´ai le virer car il y´a des Charges comme 3 Tracteurs Volvo with 68tons (crazy, max 18tons) et beaucoup autres trop Lourds pour le Genre des Charge.

      I delete it cause a Lot of Loads are too heavy as 3 Volvo with 68tons !
      And a Lot of others.
      Otherwise it´s not bad.

  6. FRIGO+trailer+with+CAT+textures+?+I+dont+think+so.+ahahha

  7. je comprends pourquoi chez moi sa marche pas j’ai juste la promods 2.26 et quelques autres mods pourquoi sa me fait planter le jeu ^^’ ???

  8. after install the sound off engine is changed and the key bindings are changed

  9. This is a good mod, but it’s not perfect. After you attach the trailer, the whole truck shakes for some reason. It’s not that annoying when you drive and it doesn’t affect handling, but when you for example wait on red light, the shaking behavior can move you to the side and you can hit a car next to you.

    Maybe it’s because my mods (ex. physics mod), but I’ve tried many other heavy trailers and they have never acted like that.

    1. I had it also. It´s only, if you use a normal 4×2 Truck.
      You should buy a Truck for Heavy Load, 8×4 or 10×4/6.

  10. Sarkissian

    It makes the game CRASH if you use it together with ets2_1.30.x.x_24_cargo_doll_vario_3axle_nbl_traffic_v6.3 made by RoadHunter if you get one of those trailer in traffic!

    Knowing RoadHunter also work on this package, I don’t understand how he cannot have known this!

  11. Nice mod thanks 🙂

  12. Sarkissian

    Also a lot of cargo has the same name and same weight, like the kassbohrer cargo 57t, it has many different loads but all the same name and weight, not realistic at all!

  13. Sarkissian

    This mod needs some work before released!!

  14. scania_dragon

    First let me say “Thank you for all your effort in building this trailer pack”.
    But unfortunately I have to tell you that the whole thing is completely unreal. 68 tonnes of sacks or 68 tonnes for three trucks. Sorry, but what’s the nonsense? Heavy load is meant quite nicely, but that’s probably hopelessly exaggerated. And then the names for the cargo. Cargo 9 or something like that. Was not there anything smarter about that?

  15. Dennis_GER

    Do not download as this mod contains stolen trailer from Roadhunter for which he has no approval from Roadhunter.
    And this Mod is very buggy:
    Redundant front wheel accessory removed!
    Incorrect rear wheel definition for /roadhunter/doll_dolly/doll_dolly2.pmd

  16. krizzy090

    1/10 can only see 1 tab 987mb for only 1 tab in trailer browser i cant see the other tabs

  17. Mehmet COLAK



  18. mehmetcolak


    HD VİDEO !!!

  19. vanhouten_cz

    like a usuall from first heavy pack – same trailer has same cargo weights. Dakar racing truck has weight 57 tons? Really? 3 Iveco trucks have 68 tons? Really? Small boat has 78 tons????? Really?? Small construction house has 75 tons???? But whole locomotive has only 68 tons – only 10 tons more then dakar truck 😀

  20. Cris Poland

    Ive got 1.30x version , i was sleeps 1 day game and it still dont working , what should i check more ?

  21. scania 2016 can’t card shelf

  22. scania 2016 can’t lock trailer

  23. Tja mein Freund was soll ich dazu sagen deine mod ist ja ganz nett aber die vielen Texturfehler am Catapillar Trailer und massive Textur und Spiele crashes beim umschalten auf aussen camera killen das Game Crash

  24. alexander

    ery nice pack only at the goldhofer is true mud flaps should not just the other way around at the passenger side rear light 1 is white at the second wheel I hope that it can change

  25. CARrera_Johnson

    so i have this porblem that the steerable axels for some reason dont work so the trailers are stiff as a board, can someone help me pls

    Gameversion: ETS 1.31

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