Scania Ghost V8 Open Pipe Crackle Version V2.0

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Crackle V8 engine sound for the stock SCS Scania R and Streamline trucks, RJL “R”2.2.2, “T” 2.2.2, the 6.5 Scania V8 Megamod and the Punisher’s Streamline.

Patch: 1.30+

OxyGen, Kriechbaum, Soundsamples


13 Responses to Scania Ghost V8 Open Pipe Crackle Version V2.0

  1. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test 1.30

  2. zui says:

    still very bad!

  3. Kei says:

    OMG!!!! so not fix…

  4. G.F.Later says:

    -Lets crackle again and again

  5. sascha says:

    man weis schon das das lkws sind und keine panzer versauht doch nicht von anderen leuten die sounds

  6. 4861yeti says:

    OMG !!!
    What kind of scrap is that? that has nothing to do with sound !!

  7. Alberto Vasquez says:

    OMG!!! It can not be, now it sounds worse, it honestly sounds like a scrap

  8. jorgent97 says:

    Hd video 1.30….

  9. Terje Lahaug says:

    The only one that can make a nice v8 sound is Kriechbaum!This is not even close..

  10. Toni says:

    You really should start making something else.

  11. jeffjam94 says:

    sorry but this just sounds like a platypus on steroids

  12. Eason says:

    You continue to destroy Kriechbaum’s V8 sound, this stupid and unprofessional author.

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