Big Pack Double Trouble Trailers

– Great collection Double, Trouble (double, triple) semi-trailers from different authors
– In a package of over 90 varieties of Double, Trouble semi-trailers
– Rotary axes
– Some are present in the traffic
– Most autonomous (replace a small part of default semitrailers)
– Open an archive and a file in zip format to a folder with mods
– In the unpacked form a bit more than 1 GB 300 MB
– 1.31



4 Responses to Big Pack Double Trouble Trailers

  1. Loren says:

    Crash game on bêta version and info is 1.28 by costel ???

  2. wesley says:

    old mod 1.28

  3. DeXterGamer says:

    Not work on 1.31 game is crash

    • nektarios543 says:

      read the description in the file it says 1.28 and the picture is the trailer costel made

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