Big Pack Double Trouble Trailers

– Great collection Double, Trouble (double, triple) semi-trailers from different authors
– In a package of over 90 varieties of Double, Trouble semi-trailers
– Rotary axes
– Some are present in the traffic
– Most autonomous (replace a small part of default semitrailers)
– Open an archive and a file in zip format to a folder with mods
– In the unpacked form a bit more than 1 GB 300 MB
– 1.31



5 thoughts on “Big Pack Double Trouble Trailers

  1. Crash game on bêta version and info is 1.28 by costel ???

  2. old mod 1.28

  3. DeXterGamer

    Not work on 1.31 game is crash

    1. nektarios543

      read the description in the file it says 1.28 and the picture is the trailer costel made

  4. As nektarios543 says:

    “Read the description,,,,”
    If you just blindly dl anything being thrown ur way and expect it to work but turns out it doesn’t – U don’t deserve any better

    That said, this M***rf***r pushes the same old #### for ages, and us dumbasses just keep following it blindly.

    Anywho, stay away from anything this lowlife keeps posting.

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