New Gen Scania V8 Open Pipe Sound Mod

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Hi all,

It’s finally finished.
Here’s my Scania V8 new gen OP sound mod. It works for the new R & S series.

This sound is based on this real S730 truck

You can compare.
After to have searched and watched many videos, it’s the best one i found to make a proper V8 new gen sound mod.

Enjoy 😉

Kriechbaum, SCS


29 thoughts on “New Gen Scania V8 Open Pipe Sound Mod

  1. Did you make that rüttner Transport Ab Skin yourself or did you download it somewhere? If you made it, is it okey for me to use it as well? Always wanted that skin! If you downloaded it somewhere, where did you download it?


    Super son, merci !!

  3. The sneepels version sounds waay meaner tbh…

  4. Nice.Great Job Kriechbaum!!

  5. nice sound like Always do you have a link of the truck??

  6. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Mit persönlich fehlt da ein bisschen der #bums.
    Der neue klingt einfach nicht so dolle. Oder es liegt an der Aufnahme des Original Video’s.

  7. it works on 1.30 edition?

    1. MetalGhostxD

      Yes, it works

  8. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  9. Alberto Vasquez

    Awesome & Nice Sound

  10. SOUND test:

  11. neranjana

    Test Video

  12. tunning6000

    amazing job Kriechbaum,thanks

  13. Very very very good sound! For now the best I’ve tested for Scania-New Gen. Thanks!

  14. I use Open Pipe for all Trucks v 12.0 by frederique410. Shall I activate only one or can I keep both activated? Thanks for your comment.

  15. on 1.30 with mod on its the same as before i dont hear any change

  16. Can you make this beatiful “roar” also for Scania R? Thanks

    1. Sorry: for RJL

    2. MetalGhostxD

      Only change the def/truck and the folder for Scania New Gen for RJL copy and paste the name of folder in the RJL mod and change name file in def/truck/ and exterior_v8.sii

      1. Thank you!

      2. Please can you explain more cos that really doesnt make any sense to me at all.

  17. it need big engine with 800 900 hp or small engine beginers with 300 or 400 hp?

  18. Kenny Truck.

    test video

  19. Driverstein

    Video with this amazing mod:

    Thank you Master!

  20. skyfall777

    Best sound! Maybe to loud in cabin

  21. I got problem with this sound mod. I don’t have sound in my truck cabin. I had this sound mod before in my mod folder …… Addon_OxyGen_Scania_V8_DEEP_For_NextGen_V.9.0
    also from Kriechbaum and it worked perfectly but after i removed it and put the new one in there’s no sound in truck cabin but outside the sound is normal. How come? I don’t have any other sound mod in my mod folder than this one.

  22. Is this updated for 1.31? I can’t seem to get it to work.

  23. Дмитрий


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