Big Stars – Actros / Arocs SLT v

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“Big Stars” adds New Actros/Arocs SLT as seperate vehicles. (Some parts shared with scs originals)

– Minimum ETS2 version for non steam version is 1.32.*.
– Tower for 3300 chassis – still wip
– Different “level of detail” for towers – wip

Changes in
– replaced tobj files for ui icons for 1.32.X
– removed obsolete attributes (in lights) for 1.32.X


– New Actros & Arocs SLT as seperate vehicles
– Two 8×4 chassis in 3300mm & 3900mm length for Actros
– Bigspace in 2500mm width for both vehicles
– Gigaspace in 2500mm width for Actros
– Front bumpers selectable (orignal, SLT)
– Rear fenders selectable (original, tearplate in 2 variants)
– Badges removable
– “Front grill” selectable (plastic, paint)
– “Sides/front fenders” selectable (plastic, paint)
– Towing hitch selectable (without, straight, tilted)
– Set of “heavy cargo plates/signs”
– License plates selectable (different positions, texture & generated by the game)
– Customizable light plates in large & medium size for both vehicles
– Roofbars, new transmission, skins, and more …


More stuff planned:
Cabins in 2300mm width, more chassis, lowpoly variants of some accessories, and more …


Additional packages:
Big Stars – Compatibility to Cabin Accessories
Big Stars – Compatibility to National Window Flags

Big Stars – Customisation:


Further links:
SCS Software message board –
Facebook –
Youtube –

Mod presented by WTD – WrittenExample, Thunderhawk, D4LYNCHHD

Additional contributers:
Speedy143 (West of Scotland Heavy Haulage — Skin)
Lucas95 (Aertssen, Baumann, Blue Star, Bolk, Bögl, Vossmann, Zerges — Skins)
Gordon Gekko (Cadzow, Ruttle Plant — Skin)
Scaild (Svestka — Skin)
LadenSwallow (adaptation of scs skins – Bears, Heavy Charge)

WrittenExample, Thunderhawk, D4LYNCHHD


10 thoughts on “Big Stars – Actros / Arocs SLT v

  1. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here

    1. SiMoN3 ETS2
      Test? You know what the test means!? The process of research, testing a software product, which aims to verify the correspondence between the actual behavior of the program and its expected behavior on the final set of tests selected in a certain way.
      And to your video is the imageentertaining principle.

      1. Kevin Naldony

        shut up u c*nt

      2. Calm yourself matey… ####

      3. Agree you. Test is another feature of the show. It’s a regular game like a fool riding an assh.o.l.e…
        These youtubers are like children without the delnikami with a lousy video

        1. What are the parents doing? 🙁

        2. ScaniaDriver98

          I’m sorry for you but he is not the only one dude that makes videos of this type, So now go to insult all the others. I like videos of this kind because they make you understand what contains the mod, if it works and especially if the vehicle is well done.

          1. I know it well ScaniaDriver98! Since You …. has changed, the platform is full of young amateurs of this type! By the way, as a professional videographer, I’m not subscribed to any such channel and do not look at that style of content too! But free to them to make this streaming site a trash bigger and bigger! Nevertheless, we are in a free world where we can still give our opinion! Especially as I answered Klains and the following comments, not the article itself! Now, this is not the first time that SiMoN3 is faulted by promoting stolen mods on! She is a beginner and she will remain so if she does not change mentality!

      4. SiMoN3 ETS2

        I do not agree with you, the first is not insulting and I’m not a child as you define those who do this kind of video, according to I’m not the only one who makes these videos, I find that they are an actual TEST because in the video we show all the details of the mod and we test all its features, third if you do not like them do not look at them simply, many people like, just look at how many followers have channels bigger than mine that make THE SAME TYPE OF VIDEO. So think before talking and doing haters like children and going to put dislike videos. Thank you!

  2. Baby Trucker

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