BigT Britax LED Beacons Pack ETS2 v1.40.x

Author: Big T
Adaptation: MaxX_Agent =(^-^)=

This mod supports only the original Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game!!!
Please do not re-upload or edit this mod for public use!!!!
This is a standalone version ETS2:

P.S: Your MaxX_Agent =(^-^)=
Signature: =UwU=

Author: Big T, SCS Software.


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10 thoughts on “BigT Britax LED Beacons Pack ETS2 v1.40.x

  1. Canarinho

    there is 1 error. >/unit/hookup/vehicle_bigt_britax_ledl8_p4.sii’, line 17:
    Expecting include file name, found ‘0’

    1. MaxX_Agent =(^-^)=

      Oops there is 1 error in the file, sorry – here is the path: > / unit/hookup/vehicle_bigt_britax_ledl8_p4’ sii’, line 17: At the very bottom after “@include ” vehicle_bulb_type_led. sui “there is a number” 0 ” – it must be deleted! I’m sorry again! I’ll be careful next time!

      1. Canarinho

        ok thx, easy fix.

  2. richyrich

    did BigT allow this??. I dont think he did

    1. DigitalX

      Seeing as his Steam Workshop page says this:

      !!!Please do not re-upload or edit this mod for public use!
      If you want to upload the mod info to anothers websites, please keep the download link to Steam!!!

      I highly doubt it.

      Whos is “MAxX Agent” and he is uploading Bit T’s work?

  3. These are not real behaviour mods. Lack of sheaves of lights.

  4. MaxX_Agent =(^-^)=

    Hey Guys!! There is a “MODEL” folder in the mod – delete it and get the default light beacon from SCS Software! 🙂 OK

  5. When using this pack the beacons work as they seem when adding to truck tried several ones from the small to the larger ones, they all seem to work as a beacon but the light source that is supposed to come from the beacon (as light) then is not seen in game when using this pack but if you use SCS default beacon works as it should you see the beacon work as well as light source in game coming from SCS default beacons, but not in this pack, so will have to use SCS default until the mod authur fixes it. Just to let you all know I have also tried different load orders still not working on this pack. Great Mod always used it but this time needs a fix on the beacon light source itself like I said light does not shine from beacons.

    Great work though

  6. Anonymous

    Sorry but the file is not found on Sharemods… unable to download… like the other version of this Mod.

  7. Download links won’t work no file found…

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