BilTema V8 Skin

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This skin is made by me! BilTema is a Swedish Car parts shop with loads of car part and good things!

I made this skin just for fun nothing serious, but if you like it download it and play!

Bamse, BKC, Bussbygg


6 Responses to BilTema V8 Skin

  1. PolishDriverTruck says:

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  2. Plutten says:

    how does one skin this himself?

  3. DavyBerto says:

    Are you sure stupid ############? I’m the author of the skin, I’ve made it for a customer on my page, with what right do you have uploaded without any permission and without giving me credits?

  4. DavyBerto says:

    I’m sorry, now I’ve seen you don’t have reupload the truck skin, sorry again.


  5. Greven says:

    Skauru mä te Biltäema!?

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