Bitrem Randon Linha Trailer


Tested 1.13.x version

Author: Gabriel Lauer


13 thoughts on “Bitrem Randon Linha Trailer

  1. agora sim um mod genuinamente brasileiro, vamos testa-lo..

  2. MirmoZibang

    Looks great ! going to try that 🙂

  3. JLourenco


  4. Andreas Andersen

    Bad!! !! !!

  5. looks badass mate, will give it a go later on today! Nice work

  6. Not good ! not all wheels are moving , and you can not drive !

  7. soundsz good

  8. Looks great !
    but the game it’s slow down total

  9. MetalDash

    Looks great,but it isn’t. Wheels aren’t moving and it’s all a single block without any articulation point between the two trailer.

  10. JohnNecirRebellion

    What mod do I need to use to use that Mod in Game?

  11. JohnNecirRebellion

    Por favor, me ajudar a instalar que no jogo!

  12. No .. that .. have .. mod … trailer .. like .. at .. facebook profile photo … I .. well .. if there’s ga … well please. you .. know .. thanks …>>>>>> <<<<<< ada .. yang .. punya .. mod … trailer .. seperti .. di .. foto … profile facebook aku .. ga yah .. kalau ada … tolong yah . kasih .. tau .. makasih

  13. Kleber Cechet

    Galera o modelo é excelente porem quando vc freia o caminho ou vai mudar de faixa o caminhão dobra na pista ou sai fora da estrada provocando danos graves no caminhão e na carga se der pra melhorar isso ele fica muito bom.

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