Bjarne Nielsen Scania Rjl SKin


Mod tested on Scania RJL 1.4.1
Game version 1.20,1.21 an 1.22
Don’t reupload to other sites or respect original link for download!



6 thoughts on “Bjarne Nielsen Scania Rjl SKin

  1. nice skin, pleace for scania r. thankyou

  2. chefprutser

    Its Just like my skin from bjarne nielsen look at scs forum/chefprutsers skinworks

    1. are you serious?!?!?! they are 1100% diferenet,look the quality

  3. chefprutser

    I see 😉 I look in the fast way ….do you use compression method on or off??

  4. Karina-Moskva

    Nice !

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