Hovo Scania Rjl skin


Mod tested on Scania RJL 1.4.1
Game version 1.20,1.21 an 1.22
Don’t reupload to other sites or respect original link for download!



17 thoughts on “Hovo Scania Rjl skin

  1. WobblyCaptain

    Nice , one for my garage 🙂

    1. Thank you 😉

  2. Nice one but i want a ask something, where can i find these rear lights? Which mod include these lights? I can’t find anywhere. Thank you.

      1. hello borce nice job 🙂 this back bumper is private ?

          1. thanks my friend really nice of your part 🙂

      2. Thank you, but when i activate this, my game crash. But i will find a way. 🙂

        1. Man there isnt any these backlights here, just hamburger stops are. How can i get these lights? 🙁

          1. hm….idk i use only this tuning mod…:/

  3. wow, nice skin!

    1. Thank you 😉

  4. Дали ова е за Сканиа СтеамЛине… Или за сите други ?

  5. Is this for Scania SteamLine … Or everyone else?

    1. Scania RJL

  6. link for wheels ?

  7. Don’t reupload ……. or respect ……….!

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