Black Grille for Scania R from Scania S

Black grille for Scania R from Scania S for ETS 2

! Mod is redesigned and updated under 1.27!

 ▶ Works in MP.
 ▶ When tuning in a single game, the grille does not flutter to the standard one.
 ▶ To install, simply change the motor.

 ▶ Do not perform the tuning of the tractor unit in MP.

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Black Sky


6 thoughts on “Black Grille for Scania R from Scania S

  1. TruckerDuck

    What is this skin?

    1. Paintjob from DLC

    2. Black Sky

      Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Canadian Paint Jobs Pack

  2. any one have a mp compatible sound mod

  3. Can you update or re-do the black grille for volvo fh-12? It was so nice but it is not outdated and won’t work anymore. The back wall of my truck dissapears when I activate the mod and it is not showing in MP. BTW thank you for doing this on the scania 😀

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