BMW 3 Series E92 M-Tech 1.48

Updated to 1.48

-HQ Model
-Ambient Occlusion
-Real Engine and Transmission Values
-Real Weight Values
-Foot Light (Works with O Key)
-Swinging Fragrance Option
-3 Different Wheel Option
-6 Different Front Grill Option
-2 Different Steering Wheel Option
-2 Different Stop Light Option

Berkay Pekesen


4 thoughts on “BMW 3 Series E92 M-Tech 1.48

  1. emirhandemirkan

    Lütfen bir tane Ford Mondeo mk4 mk5 yaparmısınız çok güzel olur mükemmel araba

  2. Александър Белев

    Stop with these bmw can you do mercedes e63s amg w213

  3. please tofaş doğan slx and tofaş kartal

  4. güzel olmuş e60 bekliyoruz..

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