BMW E39 M5 V4 (1.43)

• Updated to 1.43
• Reduced mod size
• Fixed all material issues
• Fixed mirrors
• Fixed rims axis
• Standalone
• Fixed highpolygon shadows (Low PC’s can play!)
• Fixed brakes, engines
• New engine defs
• Fixed driver
• Fixed sound
• Fixed shadows
• Deleted unused slots
• Fixed dealer
• Fixed interior lights
• Fixed truck paint





5 thoughts on “BMW E39 M5 V4 (1.43)

  1. Mod Modi Mod Moddus Moddingusso

    Fix Lights

  2. Ats plss

  3. pls fix semnal right/left/light/ fix very slow ###

  4. selamin Aleykum biraz farkli modlar gelsin mesela Lada 2106 araba, ve ya Toyota camry 2018,2014 ,Toyota prado direksiyon sol tarafda
    Nissan maxima 2000, mercedec C Seria 1998-2021 ve s. cogu modlarin hepisi 2 kapili birisinin beygiri az gostergiyi tamamlayamiyo birisi cok basik fren yapinca yogusa cikinca alti deyiyo araba taklaya geliyor secenekler olsun. Eyvallah cok iyi yapiyorsununuz modlari ancaq biraz farkli modlar olursa cok iyi olur

  5. its posible to improbe better resolution in central mirror?? i correct the general fov but qualitty is very poor comparing with side mirror. You know how make that? thanks

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