BMW M4 V3 By Kadir Yagiz

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Ets2 Bmw M4 F82 and Modification update [1.34]


Eklenenler =1.34= :

Birden fazla aksesuarlar ayuna eklendi ve arac son sürüme yükseltildi.

Oyun versiyonu1.34 ve üzeri.

Additions =1.34= :

Multiple accessories have been added to the game and the tool has been upgraded to the latest version.

Game Versions: 1.30.x and over
Author: Kadir Yagiz

Kadir Yagiz


9 Responses to BMW M4 V3 By Kadir Yagiz

  1. JGaming HD says:

    HD video 1.34…

  2. johndoe says:

    Engine turns off-on when you brake hard sometimes.

    • Curtis12345 says:

      it does that, in scs trucks too you’re basically stalling the engine.

  3. edsor says:

    Yes, the textures are very nice. But that’s all it have: textures. I like driving cars in ets2. For this reason, I ask all of you to make worthwhile cars. If not, please do not do more.

  4. BENEDICT says:

    can you pls make this mod for ATS

  5. Scania_V8 says:

    I do not like the bmw, it looks terrible to do another car mod

  6. XXX says:

    I do not like the bmw, it looks terrible to do another car

  7. janek says:

    u jakiego dilera można go kupić? where im buy it?

  8. Tadeh says:

    3 Bugs on this car, hope you’ll fix it 🙂

    1. No blinkers in the speedometer.
    2. Wipers doesn’t wipe away the rain.
    3. Very bad physics, it just flies around 🙁

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