Rolls Royce Cullinan 2019

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Tested on 1.34.x versions
You can buy it in Volvo dealers

– anim
– 2 interior
– lightmask
– 2 Engine (slow and fast)


If there is any problem/ recommendation please comment.



21 thoughts on “Rolls Royce Cullinan 2019

  1. JGaming HD

    HD video 1.34…

    1. I love Rolls Royce car in world beautiful car

  2. silesia_man

    Good work realy beautiful car can you create other SUVs for example bentley bentayaga, mercedes gls or gle coupe, land rover discovery 4, range rover or other. Please reply(sorry for my bad English)

    1. in dealer , the cars body is seethrough and the interior has no colour and when you buy its its all plain black inside and out ,any help?

    2. LazKopuz53

      Thank you

      I do not accept requests, however

    3. I can try

      1. silesia_man

        LynxKris you can make LR discovery 4 please reply

  3. Good work I like your work of all thanks for this mod >_<

  4. Good+work!!!+Can+you+do+a+mod+with+Ford+mondeo+(+2000+-+2007+)+please

  5. nice mod but it would off been nice to hear a diff engine

  6. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.34…

  7. ChrisMaximus

    ETS2 v1.34 I Mod – Test ▶️ Rolls Royce Cullinan 2019

  8. Add plz rolls royce wraith

  9. Abdul Rehman

    Will you please make a mod of toyota land cruiser for ets2 version 1.34 or 1.35

  10. JacobMbute

    I Love Rolls Royce Because Its So Most Powerful!

  11. I downloaded the file, put it in the mods folder, and all is fine, but when I try to buy the car, it turns out to be all black, and when I try to customise it, the game quits. I tried 10 or 15 times, deleting and redownloading the file. help?

  12. 1.37 please

  13. kardeşim ricam rolls royce wraith yapar mısınız bekliyorum lütfen ! <3

  14. nice car bro well done
    is it possible to make the new rs6 or rs7

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