BMW M5 F90 V1R60 (1.40)

Fixed sound



8 thoughts on “BMW M5 F90 V1R60 (1.40)

  1. burak abi önceden yaptığın kromajlı tanker dorseli axor vardı onu güncellesene 1.39 1.40

  2. Wieso gibt s noch keinen BMW M6 oder M8 der auf 1.39-40 geht

  3. Burak laguna 1.40 yaparmisin

  4. Can you do a BMW G20 maybe? i really like this car xD
    i hope that someone is making an g20

  5. auto jest bardzo wywrotne. Proszę napraw to.

  6. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – BMW M5 F90 (Köstence-Varna) [1.40]

  7. Hello, I’m really happy with how your car is made, but I would be much happier if they answered my question whether you could make a bmw m8 coupe or a regular sports m8.
    The two most important things I would like this car to have are:
    – is that he has excellent physics in the game, that his maximum speed is around 280-300 km / h and
    – to have very good and realistic details and to be supported for 1.40 or 1.41 version.
    Let other things be to your liking.
    I’m willing to pay for that mod.
    If you want more informations, you can contact me on this mail:
    [email protected]

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