BMW M5 F90 V2 (1.43)


Reduced mod size
Fixed all material issues
Fixed mirrors
Fixed highpolygon shadows (I am not sure low PC’s can play, but highs can do!)
Fixed brakes, engines
New engine defs
Fixed sound
Fixed shadows




20 thoughts on “BMW M5 F90 V2 (1.43)

  1. you can’t buy it, you’re making fun of the community

  2. The. same. cars. ####

    1. Old versions was not useable. This is real fixed version. Download and see

      1. Mod Modi Mod Moddus Moddingusso

        make Volvo XC 90 2017

      2. Always the same cars 🤦
        Nothing NEW

  3. pls ford mondeo 2016

  4. I can’t find it on the mod dealership option. I double checked if I activate the mod.

    1. And btw I don’t have any other mod activated.

      1. visit any dealer and it should be there

        1. Bro I am not crazy. I am downloading cars for five years straight. I add car in mod section to be activated and visit daf (let’s say) and there are only vanilla trucks. Can you record your video and upload on some site?

          1. Ok well I will try to rec because it works for me

          2. Nvm recording doesnt work for me

          3. tamanimuteki

            Push “visit selected dealer” and select Volvo……

  5. I can’t find it in mod dealership. I have also checked other dealerships.

  6. You cannot physically buy it. Don’t waste your time on this mod.

  7. Enable the car mod. Go to a volvo dealer and visit it. Now theres the car

  8. plss pls pls pls pls e46 m3

  9. hyundai i20 2014-2018 yaparmısınız lütfen

  10. Idk I really dont understand why are you not fixing mods you are just publishing them and putting them for new version that’s so disgusting, EVERYBODY DO NOT DOWNLOAD MOD ITS WASTE OF YOUR TIME!!.

    1. Agree

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