BMW M6 F13 V3.2 1.44


– Minor edits and fixes
– Improved physics

*Free to edit for personal use*


Nimit, Slav Jerry


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12 thoughts on “BMW M6 F13 V3.2 1.44

  1. Player1983

    Kein guter Mod. Fenster flackert bei Tag & Nacht Fahrt. Wenn das behoben ist, könnte man Spaß daran haben

  2. The same problems as in the previous version – flashing/flickering windows and invisible arrows on the tachometer and speedometer at night. Obviously the author doesn’t care, or he only cares about the maximum number of mod downloads.

    1. Sorry to hear about the problem you are facing currently. Each and every mod I make and update is heavily tested before being published. I am one of the very few authors who try to do perfection in the sea of silly and tasteless mods.

      However, some things that are difficult and/or time taking to update may not be fixed considering the fact that mods like these are quite old and makes no sense to keep on fixing stuff in them and would be better to create one from scratch.

      Hope you understand!

      1. Ok, friend, thanks for your reply! I’m just disappointed, excuse me, I’ll try not to be so critical next time. Agree, you’re right – there are mods that don’t make sense to fix. But it seems to me that this mod needs only a little intervention to fix it – the flickering of the windows may be the result of an unnecessary element / layer (and it can be removed). If the problem is due to incorrect code – it may help to compare it with a mod that does not have such a problem and thus determine what and how to fix it. As for the visibility at night of the speedometer and tachometer arrows – is this problem so difficult to fix? In my opinion, this mod has no other big mistakes – that’s why it makes sense to spend some time on it. There were some good mods that I don’t see anymore – Mercedes-Benz W470 X-Class and Range Rover Velar. The Volkswagen Touareg 7P is also quite good, but needs adjustments and corrections. Will we see any of these mods again? Good evening to you!

        1. Yes I’ll look into the flickering issue as well as the speedometer not being luminated at night.

          Except Velar, the others you mentioned will be back.

          1. 👍👍👍

  3. The same problems as in the previous version – flashing / flickering windows and invisible arrows on the tachometer and speedometer at night. Again, the author does not fix the issues, only makes this mod compatible with the latest version.

    1. Hi, please read the comment above in a reply to render.

      1. 👍👍
        Have a nice day!

  4. Aleksandur

    Hello i downloaded the mod. Activated it but i dont know where to find the car. How to get in the car?

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