BMW X6 + Passengers 1.10.x


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Two type chasis: Drift and Normal

passenger mod :



23 thoughts on “BMW X6 + Passengers 1.10.x

  1. dont working, I buy it in iveco, but game crash when I buy it

    1. This X6 dont working game crashed all time i try to change the cab in a showroow from Iveco

      1. ets2 driver

        now every body listen here when you go in iveco showroom you have to change a chassis before change a cabin when you not do like me game will crash lol.:]

  2. Traian.Gaming


  3. Work work

  4. I remember at ETS2 is truck simulation game and not some freakin NFS P***yride ………..

  5. many people for a vehicle… is how a whale in a jacuzzi

    1. LOL !!!!

  6. I am a truck driver, not a taxi. Who is this necessary?

    1. if doesnt necessary. DONT USE ?

      I think very nice mod. i was bored. work good:)

  7. Faelandaea

    ~chuckles~ Wow. Just wow. ~goes back to his truck with bull bar to ram this car…~

  8. apferreira truckman

    Só para brasileiros – BMW X6 fazendo lotada hehehehehe

  9. as ###### as it gets !!

  10. I can’t see it at the Iveco dealer…

    1. yeah me to

  11. Where is interior? I dont find it,

  12. niin paska modi

    1. Älä muuta sano mutta missä on sisusta muute olis hyvä

  13. I don’t find the BMW

  14. ets2 driver

    Now every body listen me you have to go in iveco showroom and select customize conficguration and you have to change chassis before you going to change cab in if you don’t do like me your game will crashes lol. :]

    1. i change chassis and it still crashes

  15. I don’t find the BMW

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