BMW X6 v3 byFurkanSevke


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1.18 Convert time: 2 week

– Hologram waycomputer
– Speedlimit on front glass
– sunroof
– New sounds
– New rims

– Speed, rpm , water and fuel niddles
– Indicator vs (light,fuel…) warning lights
– Dual steering wheel problem fixed
– Traffic lights crash

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pressed 14 mb. When you extract you can see 60mb 🙂

Mod Request ($) & Contact : [email protected]


Credits: FurkanSevke


29 Responses to BMW X6 v3 byFurkanSevke

  1. Ficfic says:

    Thank you, good job FurkanSevke!

  2. SomethinSinisterToIt says:

    Oohohohohoho! Yes!

  3. furkansevke says:

    Refresh page for unable connect database error

  4. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    @ Furkansevke Your video can not see in Germany.!!! look…
    i made a for German People…
    HD Test Video…

  5. jan says:

    pleas fix the right mirror and why you dont make other car mods

  6. jan says:

    sorry the left

  7. kcinh2 says:

    good job with this mod!

  8. KingDriverFC says:

    What dealer is it at?

  9. kent76 says:

    Best car mod I’ve ever seen. perfect jod~

  10. fred says:

    crash my games when I go to the concession iveco

  11. Canonir says:

    Great events, please BMW X5

  12. sunnoco says:

    Excellent work! Thank you for sharing and keep up the great and hard work.

  13. TheTruckerKing says:

    Furkansevke, can you try to create a physic ?

  14. İsmail says:

    Usta hangi grafik modu?

  15. shoofer says:

    Good job.

  16. Maxpower722 says:

    Please do not use these file hostings:
    – / /
    – / and similar
    – /
    – /
    – other paid, problematic host

    We do not accept mods with other mod sites advertise, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, adult and similar content!

    Thank you!

    Do not send mod if you do not have permission to share it! Do not share payware! All uploaders, who stoling mods, will be banned.

    If you have any problems or your mod has not been uploaded, let us know ([email protected])

  17. Greg says:

    Furkansevke, I really like the mod but I like vans more; especially this one… 😉

    Would it be possible to create it?

    Best wishes,

  18. teresa says:

    when im driving all the sounds go off after about 10-15 minutes. have to relog game to get them bk can this be fixed

  19. Roland says:

    I can’t download

  20. pannickus says:

    The mod is very good but can you make more power engine?

    Sorry for my english 🙂

  21. pearce says:

    pls fix sound 🙂

  22. vivek says:

    how to use this file after download

  23. Serapic says:


    I buyed this Car Online and put it into my garage, but when i want to get in (in Truck Manager) this car it crashes…

  24. Eli says:

    Not worth downloading. Looks great but sounds terrible and it is SUPER SLOW!!! All the creator did was speed up his video. I mean yea it’s cool having a car in the game, but this thing can’t even speed up fast enough to pass a truck. Come on man.. FIX IT (please).

  25. Ivo says:

    Serapic, I feel your pain! I have the same problem! Furkansevke, please, like please, make a update to this newest version. (


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