BMW X6M [1.34]

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Mod Makers: MarcMods, RTA Team, HD Truck Team
Fix: Semih Köseoğlu
-Fixed Physics
-Advanced Chassis
-More Realistic Engine

MarcMods, RTA Team, HD Truck Team,Semih Köseoğlu


6 thoughts on “BMW X6M [1.34]

  1. JGaming HD

    HD video 1.34…

  2. MadDriver3

    I have a problem,why are back tires jumping in air when i get out of shop,its not drivable,pls fix or help.

    1. Semih Köseoğlu

      Type g_susp into the console, then press “TAB”.
      Type 0,1 at the end of the completed word and press “Enter”.

      1. If you change that then the car has 0 stability and flips over very fast. Please fix it!

  3. Pls make for 1.39 is the best mod!

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