Ke Palms Åkeri AB Scania R 2016

This is skin combo for Scania R 2016
Work great in v1.34.x with ownable trailer

Mods needed:
Ekeri semitrailer by Kast
Ekeri Tandem addon by Kast
Ekeri Tandem addon for Scania Next Gen

I’ve put some of mods you need for this skin. Make sure you check in rar file to find the mods. (Lightbox, font grill)

Find any bugs please contact me:
[email protected]
IG: addyv8.ets2




14 thoughts on “Ke Palms Åkeri AB Scania R 2016

  1. There are some more Credits you “forgot”:
    – IJ’s Mods
    – DavyBerto

    Otherwise, it looks nice.

    1. I forgot:
      – Kast
      – Sogard

    2. AddyJCustoms

      Yeah I forgot to add in discription, hope it’s okay tho. And “Kast” I don’t need to add that bc It’s not any tandem mods in skin file so that’s ok I quess

  2. Hey i can’t find the sun visor and the lightbox have no skin.

  3. ..these will overwrite the original mods if used …just saying if people starts wondering where their other stuff went …

    skins looks nice !

    1. AddyJCustoms

      Both mods I included with skin is like normal mod but work for tandem chassi. I just added a line in sii file for it to work with tandem.

  4. You forgot also me that I did the skin Palms for the Kast’s trailer 😀

    1. AddyJCustoms

      Sorry mate, I forgot alot in this “skin” mod. Will be more carefully next time I upload 😀

  5. Hey nice Skin but for the Trailer it will not work. Can you Help me?

  6. noelasegg

    The mod for: Ekeri Tandem addon for Scania Next Gen

    the download link is taken down?

  7. noelasegg

    Oh never mind i found it in the download (this mod)

  8. noelasegg

    nope nope nope nope its not


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