Bobby Vige Kristensen Transport


This is another danish skin.

we hope you like it!



9 thoughts on “Bobby Vige Kristensen Transport

  1. This mod doesnt work on version 1.9x.

    1. SkinOMod-Danish

      what is the problem??

      1. Using GT Mikes T Cab and it doesn’t skin on the Truck

  2. ETS_Cobra

    Lol, The Rescue Rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to watch this as a kid.

    1. Cosmin_ro

      She’s not Rescue Heros 😉

    2. lol Same here. Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

  3. What if you changed the blue to another color ?

  4. ETS_Cobra

    Chip Dale and Monte were rescue rangers also Cosmin.

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