Bolivia Map v 1.2.1a

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Versions: 1.16, 1.17, 1.18
The mod of money is work for this map. It is also independent of everything and you need to make a new profile.

Version 1.2.1a:
– Bugs fix
– More dangerous roads

Do not forget to stop by our site and links group in the official video.
We add more cities next delivery .
Greetings to all.

Author: MaxiZarich

DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Mediafire]

11 Responses to Bolivia Map v 1.2.1a

  1. Padre says:

    The game can’t run … :-((
    No valid offers found for player’s HQ city ‘szczecin’
    Error generating first job!

  2. MaxiZarich says:

    mabe no loads in that city. try in other and see if you install correctly

  3. sanchez says:

    hello guys, i want use a MAP of Bolivia. and, thats im must download bolivia map for first ? or just download this 2 MB map ?

  4. Vader says:

    2 mb only???

    • MaxiZarich says:

      YES!!! Because i don´t use mods to make this map. Thats why

  5. jacob.lovekw says:

    Hey Guys 1080pHD review of the map.
    Check it out!!!

    • MaxiZarich says:

      That map is improperly installed . They come two parts . Complement and weighing 2mb map Both must be activated as it is the independent map must change the game module . REPEAT CHANGE THE GAME MODULE .

  6. Fabri says:

    Quiero El Mod Me Gusto Mucho Gracias!

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