Bolivia Map v 3.1

Bolivia Map

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Latest version of the map of Bolivia. Todabia a lot to work on, but this version is one of the most anticipated and pretty. Version 3.1
Compatible with 1.18 and 1.19

All information encontrala blog:

Author: MaxiZarich


7 Responses to Bolivia Map v 3.1

  1. Windu says:

    Alternative link?

  2. kasia says:

    crashes to the desktop

  3. Jaws009 says:

    This map is add on for TSM 6.0 and RUS1.5 the v18.1.3 I am using

  4. Theosz says:


    I was playing on v2.4.1 of this map and the file is called apollo.mdb instead Europe.

    I tryied using 3.1 but the game can’t continue. Always show the screen to I choose another game. it is missing apollo.mdb

    I restarted a new profile and now you call it as bolivia3.1.mdb

    How can I keep my game in v2.4.1?

    if you release new version 3.2 you will call bolivia3.2.mdb and I’ll lose all my progress and need restart another game?

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