Bottom Slots for Madster TGX Euro 6

people keep asking for my bottomslots on madsters man, but they are private, to keep everyone happy I made a different version available for free.

included are:
– 3 different lights
– 6 slots in the lobar accesory

!!!MADSTERS TGX EURO 6 IS NEEDED FOR IT TO WORK, it doesn’t work with the scs MAN!!!

Please keep the original link while sharing.

SCS, Polltrans, Madster


7 thoughts on “Bottom Slots for Madster TGX Euro 6

  1. Greg Goossens

    how can i instal this mod ?
    i’m not good at it this way.

  2. These headlights are by Matdom1988 (MDModding) created for Scania NS, do you have your permission? why didn’t you add his name to the credits? and also write: Please keep the original link while sharing.

    1. polltrans ets2

      I obiously have written permision, the credits must have been an error, but in game they still exist.

      1. polltrans ets2

        if you want further proof don’t hesitate to contact me.

  3. I don’t want to condemn you to life imprisonment I didn’t see any credit, the most important ones are written where the mods are posted (visible to all) CiaoZ

    1. The Angel of my life

      @zoso they arent from Matdom 1988. They are from jetta2000 accessories 0.5.1for nextgen R&S. Next time pay more attention on detalis. Matdoms lights arent like jettas, they have big difference 😉

  4. TheNuvolari

    Hey there Polltrans! This mod inspired me to make the Müller Holz paintjob! One thing I noticed while making the skin was the lightbox and the slots, it’s the exact same as on the Müller Holz TGX! Is it private?

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