Range Rover Supercharged 2008

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– Fixed minor glitches (reported by deTbiT)
– Reconfigured engine and transmission figures
– Reconfigured chassis weight and tank size
– Restored the second chassis (Low)
– RPM limit and RPM on Idle added
– New horn

You can purchase it from “Mod Dealer”.


You can edit the vehicle for your personal use ONLY and take permission from me to reupload a modified one.

deTbiT, Nimit, MReworker25, YunusAman, sdonbass18, Wikipedia




14 thoughts on “Range Rover Supercharged 2008

  1. Lucasdriver70

    The suspension and stability of the car are catastrophic ! Do you try cars before publishing them? It’s a shame because the rest is very successful

    1. I am testing every single modification I upload that includes various types of driving situations. From engine to chassis.

      I’ll see what I can do in the next update. For now you can open developer console by pressing ` and input “g_suspension_stiffness 1”. It will tighten the suspension of the car, but it will also increase chances of the vehicle bring driven away sometimes when not able to absorb impact.

      1. Lucasdriver70

        It’s not much better, however thank you for your help, it’s quite rare among moders

      2. Original -Credits: Kirill Mladshev

  2. please do the Hymer BKLASSE (CAMPER MOTORHOME IN AI TRAFFIC). Thanks

  3. Does not work for me 🙁

    1. hello Sam

      why not work for you?

    2. Mercedes dealership

      1. I don’t know why it does not work for me 🙁 I have it in mod manager so it is activated load up the game click on access mod dealers and it doesn’t appear even just look in Mercedes garage it is not there 🙁

        Do you have to place it above the original download link or something maybe? If so where can I find the original mod link?

        1. This is a complete package. It doesn’t depend on any other modifications like fixes. Just remove all other modifications related with this car and use only the one provided in download.

  4. Hi, can you make BMW 530/535d f10

  5. Sorry for the newbie question, but… where is the mod dealer to use the car?

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