Brasilian truck pack


Works from 1.7 to 1.8 version.

Popular Brasilian trucks pack .

Author: Tonho Nunes

DOWNLOAD 300 MB part1
DOWNLOAD 32.6 MB part2

8 thoughts on “Brasilian truck pack

  1. Hy, can I use this pack in other mods or not

    1. sry I forgot word “with” in sentence to write

  2. so whats the difference to the other pack

  3. This is a pack of the UGLIEST trucks i ever seen !!!

  4. @dr_jaymz

    why always this brasilian trucks are low down like a low rider or rear up like a 80s camaro? how ugly is that?

  5. Threassaw

    except the scania 111 is the rest bull ####

  6. This is stand alone? Work whit TSM?

  7. superwerke

    Shame on you, my fellow Brazilians.

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