Brazil Map v 3.1


New in this version: (Changes Hundreds made in other versions continue)

– Creation of Linking Road and saw Rio to Teresopolis.
– Creation of the Serra de Petrópolis.
– Reshaping the entire BR-381 between São Paulo and Belo Horizonte (now fully duplicated).
– Reshaping all the Via Dutra (Rio – São Paulo), now fully duplicated and with direct access (not out of a road to get into another).
– Remodeling of the Rio-Bahia (Do Rio BR-116 until Feira de Santana), now fully in single lane.
– Created the trunking of Queenship of BR-262 with the Rio-Bahia, it was much like the real trunking.
– Remodeling of the entire BR-040 between Rio and Belo Horizonte (now dual carriageway without center partition and no shoulder in Outside judge stretch of BH, as in
real life).
– Added some earth roads in the Amazon region.
– Added 80 more cities to the map, that’s right 80 cities (all representing, in the future the idea is to transform them into functional).
– Added the only two Brazilian Capital missing (Boa Vista and Macapá).
– Built road between Manaus and Boa Vista (through Caracaraí).
– Built road (Bridge and Dam on the Amazon River), linking Bethlehem to Macapa.
– Added fixed models of buses on the main road and some fuel stations (by Erisson and Countach).
– Refurbished accesses the cities of Belo Horizonte, Tres Hearts and São Paulo, to increase the distance and makes it more into reality.
– Created the Sierra de Igarapé.
– Built Serra da Cantareira.
– Built BR-153 (Belém-Brasilia highway), linking Brasilia to Palmas, with many ups and downs as in real life.
– Added several informational signs on the roads.
– Traffic of Brazilian vehicles (by jazzycat), 3 models of bus, Kombi, Goal, Uno, Palio, Fox, Charger, Opal, Beetle and many others
– Created the ring road of Belo Horizonte.
– Changed the cycle day / night to the reality of Brazil, now gets dark at 18:00 and begins to dawn 05:00, no nights
sunny as in the original map.
– Added the currency of Brazil “REAL” with conversion values ​​updated to the current exchange rate.
– Added Bus Stop in Royalty-MG and two in BR-381 between BH and São Paulo
– Edited stretch between Belo Horizonte and Governador Valadares, aiming to make the real distance (remains to be done between the curves

Fabiano Teixeira

DOWNLOAD 328 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 328 MB [sharemods]

12 Responses to Brazil Map v 3.1

  1. Luka says:

    Is this map compatipavle with TSM?

    • ExetrizeLucas says:

      kra esse mapa é um LIXO, deve ser um retardado que fez essa porcaria!
      n tem nda de BRASIL eo mapa EUROPEU, o retardado apenas mudou o nome das cidades e algumas rotas!


  2. Orimessack says:

    Aqui crashou durante o carregamento, para instalar é só colocar os dois arquivos na pasta mod correto ? O meu eurotruck é a versão da stean.

  3. james says:

    This Brazil map is based on the european and England continent as a background. Names were substituted for the original europe and England city names to those of Brazil,some roads have been redesigned to accomodiate areas not used for Brazil.
    It wil not work with any other map because I tried them all and all crashed because the map backgrounds are partely the same but the default names have been written over by the brazil cities. This map will need to start totally new with a new profile and does use both the DLC north and east ——– or ———-
    You can use the existing brazil profile or any profile that has the brazil EAA map portion savedin the profile. Delete the autosaved files and start with the most resent save to start the game with..Be sure to uncheck any other maps you have like promods MHA Pro orTSM.
    Doing it this way, keeps the past profile for brazil map and all factors included in the new profile .That will keep you from starting up a totally new profile if you start over with this map.
    The last made like this was the romanian map done last year. I hope I have given you information that you can use . Some of you are only using one profile for all maps which will eliminate you from using this map.
    It does seem to work without any problems so far.

  4. WobblyCaptain says:

    I have had a little go so far no problems at the moment I started a new profile for this map it seems to work ok 🙂

  5. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here is a run completed with the map….

    Picked up Passengers in Ribeirao Preto
    Teleported to Macapa
    Dropped off passengers back in Ribeirao Preto 2176km run

  6. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here is another run completed with the map….

    Picked up Passengers in Angra dos Reis
    Dropped of passengers in Sao Luiz 2894km run
    (And Yes, I am one of those unlucky people that run into some of
    that lag & stutter in/around the Scandinavia DLC:-(

    I would trade some of the detail in the map for some better frame

  7. geoff1 says:

    not got link from brazil to europe ferry

  8. geoff1 says:

    hay james can u do uk as i like to know how the hell yoou get this map the way you did it good stuff

  9. james says:

    Has anyone noticed how bad the bus traffic is in this map? the use of busses in this map is way too intrusive. they come barging into your part of the intersections and if at a stop or yield sign and a bus rounds the corner, you better be back two truck lengths to miss the headon collision. stop lights are ok. iIf the designer reads this post I would suggest either removing the AI busses because if they have a crash they are hopelessly stuck for EVER and do not correct the issue by backing up and starting up again. This is the only problem I see so far and do commend the designer of a splendid job on this map with exception of THE BUSSES.

  10. JLN says:

    I downloaded this map a few days ago and it’s pretty good! There are a few things that need to be fixed like: Highway over-head sign with post in the road, signs in the road, sing in the off ramps, signs in the on ramps, barriers at off ramps, barriers on street. It fun/funny for how the map/road is used when going into/out of the UK & the traffic direction shift. I can’t wait for the next update, thank-you!

  11. Siim says:

    What version?

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