Brazil Map v 4.4


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Essential updating the map to work on version 1.20 of the game (just works in Version 1.20)

– Correction of Errors,
– 4 New Cities
– Open file, released for editing

Fabiano Teixeira

DOWNLOAD 180 MB [4shared]
DOWNLOAD 180 MB [sharemods]

10 Responses to Brazil Map v 4.4

  1. BLiNKT says:

    Does i need DLC Scandinavia?Because i have only DLC East

  2. animo says:

    Map not work

  3. james says:

    Map works fine on the beta version even though the opening screen states 4.3. have not run into any problems so far

  4. lantzi says:

    Very good large map, no problems, thanks

  5. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here’s a delivery completed with the map….

    Picked up cargo in Vina Del Mar CHI
    Did some extra kilometers via waypoints
    Delivered Cargo to Sao Goncalo 6863km run

    More information is in the video description.

  6. Rafael Lopes says:

    Antes de mais nada, parabéns pelo trabalho no mapa.
    É um dos melhores mapas que já vi no ETS2.
    Já explorei uma grande parte do mapa, e achei um bug, tanto na versão 4.3, quanto na 4.4. Na cidade de Laboulaye (ARG) na rua em frente a garagem da cidade, há uma falha, como se houvesse grama no meio da rua; e quando se está saindo da cidade, parece que tem uma parede invisível ali e o caminhão bate. Para conseguir sair tem que passar por cima da calçada do lado esquerdo.
    No mais, o mapa é fantástico.
    Continue com o ótimo trabalho.

  7. miguel says:

    is good

  8. Vanilla_Donut says:

    This map doesn’t work. When I create a new profile with only just this mod it crashes. Tried many times and even downloaded multiple times and it doesn’t work. Would be nice if there is a install video showing how to make the map work.

  9. psynarcotic says:

    ist this truck or busmod?i have no daf Dealers

  10. SwiftlyEpic says:

    I couldn’t get the download link to work. Looks like a very good mod though.

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