Brazilian Schmitz Trailers Skin Pack

Brazilian Schmitz Trailers (2) Brazilian Schmitz Trailers (1)

This mod changes the game for companies in Brazil and multinational companies in Brazil.


BCP-JR Transportes
Euro SOT – AGA the Armazéns Gerais e LOGISTICA
Euro Pros – Brazil Maxi LOGISTICA
LKW Log – Fadel Transportes
Posped – Expresso Joacaba
Stokes – APK Transportes
Tradeaux – Transligue
Trameri – Italy Transportes
Transinet – Transduarte

Authors: Bora, Matdom1988, Fred_be, Maryva


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  1. mtrmarivaldotadeu says:

    why are you posting again is here already have the the posting of the mod, and this disrupts the link you count the downloads ?????

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