Bridge from Calais to Dover and City on Island v 6.3


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Now you can go free from France to UK and enjoy an amazing city on island. City have many details, models and new expensive garage! Compatible with 1.19.x and all game mods.

Update 2.0:
– City get name “Dolais”
– Solved textures
– Garage available to save/buy/edit/teleport
– Compatible with 1.15.x and many another mod

Update 3.0:
– Compatible with 1.16.x
– Compatible with antoher mods
– Solved crash bugs

Update 4.0:
– Solved bugs and crash problems
– Compatible with all mods and DLC
– Compatible with 1.17.x

Update 5.0:
– Added a new island
– Added a company
– Added truck dealer Man on new island
– Compatible with 1.18.x

Update 6.0:
– Compatible with Mod Manager
– Solved crash from Truck Dealer
– Compatible with 1.19.x

Update 6.1:
– Working Properly with GPS route customization;
– Compatible with 1.20.x

Update 6.2:
– Solved bug for GPS route customization;
– Solved road broken connection;
– Changing the route from left to right is easier;

Update 6.3:
– Solved map connections errors;
– Company from island available for duty;
– Compatible with 1.21.x

Installation: Extract files from “Part.I Bridge” and “Part.II Bridge” to ETS2 mode directory.

Author: anto007


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7 thoughts on “Bridge from Calais to Dover and City on Island v 6.3

  1. where is part 2 ? 🙂 can download only part 1… 🙂

    1. Here is “Part.II Bridge”. You must use it for new update!

  2. @ oswald : thank you… 🙂

  3. changing from left to right doesnt’s seem to work in dover, especially for ai traffic.
    there is accidents and traffic jam because ai traffic doesn’t change route.

    1. CajunMan0001

      Yeah the ai vehicles leaving Dover seem to pop over to the other side, but the ones coming from Calais, once they get to the point where the opposite side pops over, they just sit there and never move.

      I also seem to have issue with when I go on it from Calais, I get to where the city is, and the Route advisor goes to 30, well if I continue straight it stays at 30 and all traffic stays 30 all the way to Dover.

      If I were to turn and head towards the Garage you can purchase and then go back and turn left towards Dover, my Route Advisor goes to 80 but ai traffic does not move any faster then 30 all the way to Dover.

  4. Here is “Part.II Bridge”. You must use it for new update!

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