Bridge from Calais to Dover and City on Island v3.0


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Now you can go free from France to UK and enjoy an amazing city on island. City have many details, models and new expensive garage! Compatible with 1.15.x and all game mods!

Update 2.0:-City get name “Dolais”
-Solved textures
-Garage available to save/buy/edit/teleport
-Compatible with 1.15.x and many another mod!

Update 3.0:
-Compatible with 1.16.x.
-Compatible with antoher mods.
-Solved crash bugs.



Youtube video:

12 Responses to Bridge from Calais to Dover and City on Island v3.0

  1. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Would it be possible to add a company or two on the island for pickup/delivery of jobs? I could be wrong on this, but I think with a working company(s) on the island, the gps/route adviser would automatically plot a route on to the bridge and to the island instead of the player driving there manually if a job was available there. I think without it, the gps with normally set a course thru the tunnel to get between Calais & Dover.

  2. Claudio says:

    Probably work that way ExperimentalTrucker. I dont know nothing about .mbd´s mods but the idea of generate traffic to a company in that place, gps should work… aniway nice job on this anto007. Tnks.

  3. noune45 says:

    est elle compatible avec tsm svp

  4. Spartacus33 says:

    Oui Noune45… avec la TSM aussi… je joue avec dernière version tsm map…et le dernier patch 1.5
    tant qu’il s’agit d’une carte d’europe c bon !!!

    • noune45 says:

      je te remercie donc je peut aussi l’utilisé sur promod

      • Alex Cator says:

        Est-il compatible avec ProMods?

        • Alex Cator says:

          Désolé, je lire dans le commentaire en haut de mon c’est compatible avec ProMods.

  5. noune45 says:

    spartacus33 serait tu de bordeaux

  6. Ralphdot2 says:

    I love this map. I used to drive continental Europe for real and hated the ferry wait to cross the channel. Always thought they should have built a bridge instead of the tunnel.
    Denmark and Sweden did this, couldn’t figure out why France and England couldn’t agree to build one. Probably a trade union problem i suppose.

    • Foohy says:

      Probably because they drive on different sides, might be a problem when u have to change sides

  7. NikosKont says:

    Compatible with TSM?

  8. paulo says:

    bom mapa , esta dando um pequeno conflito em algumas estradas ( baltic map ,e na regiao da cidade de niz ) uso o mapa mario map , e tbm a porta da garagem de dolais não abre totalmente , se for possivel corrigir agradeço obrigado

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