Bridgestone M730 Wheels for Trailer


New Wheels for Trailer
Patch 1.3.1 + 1.4.8

Author: radow


8 thoughts on “Bridgestone M730 Wheels for Trailer

  1. Ну брат спасибо!Клева смотрятся.

    1. if you don’t speak englesh,i don;t understend you!

      1. He says “Thanks, bro! It looks cool”

  2. какие-то они толстые. или так задумано? 🙂

    1. speak english…

      1. He says. “Wheels look too fat…Or is it normal?”

  3. Maarten Willem

    Very Nice tanks

  4. hi,

    doesnt works on me in any trailer vesion1.48

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