Peterbilt 378 Final Version


Trying out the American Peterbilt 378, Got to say it was really nice!
Credits to the original creatord of the mod!
Replaces MAN

Authors: Rus47tam, AU44


20 thoughts on “Peterbilt 378 Final Version

  1. уберите его из трафика пожалуйста!!

  2. Charlesc83

    This was miss-marked. It is really the Peterbilt 387 Final Version, Not a Peterbilt 378. And it has already been uploaded.

  3. 1. The Peterbilt 378 is a very similar truck to the 379 2. This is a Peterbilt 387 3. What’s new??? 4. You’re not the original author so unless you had his permission (probably not) then why did you upload it? I’m pretty sure all you did was “test” it for 1.4.8 and reupload it

  4. It’s a Peterbilt 387 NOT a 378.

  5. gotit4cheap

    NICE TRY! it works great but one small thing i cant see over the dash its like ima little kid in my dads truck so FAIL please FIX

  6. Is there any difference between this version and last “final version”

  7. i cant see over the steering wheel

  8. TruckerGuy135

    This isn’t by the original author

  9. Thisguy84

    my view looks like the camera is on the drivers seat can someone help me fix this all i see is steering wheel an dashboard

    1. americantrucker076

      the reason u cant see the dash moron is thats the way the truck is made. The hood goes down in real life while your driving that truck u cant see the hood u have to look over the dash (its common sense)

  10. ThisGUy84

    whats the password

  11. chatonopentelho

    do not use more mod locked, if I can not see what it has and what it changes,not use , since I adopted this procedure never lost profile and crashs the
    game practically stopped …

  12. okay guys, this is the point of no return !!!

    next time all files decrypt and seperate DL hoster

    and learn the MOD rules

  13. can someone tell me where too buy it at in game as it dont show up i have the mod truned on

  14. Every mod is broke, amazing!

  15. Anyone got this working with 1.4.8? all good on mine except no mirrors!

  16. dbledeuce

    mine works great np but mine is te old final version and te kenwort w900l 1.5 will mess up the pete mode so cant run both mods at the same time…. wish someone would make a bigger motor for the kenworth. 875 horsepower at least the new map in algeria eats that truck up

  17. NO FINAL!!! off traffic

  18. J C La PLata

    Dear Rus47tam,
    Good afternoon.

    It would be possible to release a new engine for Peterbilt 387 with 3550 MFN torque to be equated with volvo scania 750 and 730? Please …
    With the new map of TSM 4.x, it becomes very difficult to transport within the heavier loads.
    Thank you very much.

    J.C La Plata

  19. Cupi malik

    For whoever the original author of the mod, if you please….
    There’s still some errors on the mod. The structure behind the front wheels (I guess its the engine and perhaps shock absorber) is colored bright red. It looks like it’s miss the texture or maybe the texture failed to bind.
    Also, the animation for the turn lights, head lights, wipers and hand brake in the truck interior does not work. It would be nice if you could repaired it.
    Much appreciated. The mod is still one of my favorites.

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