Peterbilt 387 Final Version


– Wheels not included
– 6WD
– 6-7 kinds of skins
– Fuel tank for 1200 liters
– New salon
– Truck is in the traffic
– Its interior has its own animation

Tested with 1.3.1 version
Replaces MAN Truck

Installation: extract the archive (file format scs) and place in the
folder My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod. Connect in the

Authors: Rus47tam, AU44

28 Responses to Peterbilt 387 Final Version

  1. human says:

    Download link are little slow please change download link

  2. Freddy Jimmink says:


  3. YY says:

    The truck steering lamp does not light!

  4. Sarkissian says:

    A finale version should NOT replace another truck!!!

  5. Juku says:

    It does not work. There’s no truck to be found.

    • caloco says:

      you got to edit your profile and tick the box for the mod

  6. Richard says:

    Had this truck which worked but not sure if from same person…. But this don’t work at all

  7. Gameplay Review says:


  8. Gameplay Review says:


  9. Gameplay Review says:


  10. The Judge says:

    It’s okay to swear and shout “thief”.. (when it’s happening to you..) HYPOCRITE.

    • Freddy Jimmink says:

      If You are aTHE JUDGE than i lost at once all truxt in judgement babe, this is the first time i named myself and a good advise from me th The Judge: Read this:

      Do i need to say moe? I hope not, and it would be nice to give the rightfull “owners” (nobody owns a skin!) the credits they earn, not for me but for the other makers i stand up and want their names in it! It would be fair, would it not?

      I think The Judge is either blind or isn’a Judge or the udge has a reading problem! Yes the last is his problem, so don’t sleep when convicting someone Judge go back to school!

      • Freddy Jimmink says:

        The Judge is so right off cours!

        It is NOT for m that my skins are misused but for people who earn credits,

        I know my position,i am great, i am good and luckely i am NOT 60 so the Judge is a lier and a heeter mates!

  11. Bob says:

    I don’t understand why you’re all bitching and whining like old women about who owns what, the damn thing don’t work and crashes peoples game.
    No-one is gonna care about a picture if they can’t play the game because this SHITE has not been made properly.

    To the dick that made this rubbish, stay away from modding and stop wasting peoples time!

  12. Sarkissian says:

    I don’t want a Peterbilt truck on my european roads anyway!

    • HighwayEagle says:

      Got Petes, freighters, kenworths etc rollin all over the bitch.

      you mad bro?

  13. trucker richy says:

    This truck has no use to me. There is no UK cab for it, other than that it is fine on my game and does not crash it, just cant drive very well with the left hand drive, but oh well.

    • BartvHam says:

      If I had to comment on every mod that has no use to me, it woud be a day task…

  14. caloco says:

    look those are skins for the version before the final they took them becous they thougt that it would save messing with file names if they added those skins so what are you complanig about you got your skins dont you?

  15. lolmofo says:

    dosen`t work in 1.4

  16. newfie says:

    cant see over the dam wheel -_-

  17. human1 says:

    I dont se what the problem it fast for mee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. vlasovas says:

    hello friend, what is the password of the file. scs to edit the camera? because I have only the steering wheel in front of me and not the window

  19. alan5267 says:

    can you provide skinning template?

  20. Steev Manzo says:

    Hello friends! I would also like to know the password! Because I would like to put more power in the engine. Since already thank you! Forgive me for my horrible english. ;)

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