Bring Owned Trailers and Workshop for making your owned Trailer Skin

Bring owned trailers for 1.32.

And also in this pack you also find a workshop and templates to make your owned trailers skin for ETS 2 1.32.

With this Bring trailers, workshop and templates for owned trailers you have a good pack 🙂

Credits iconRJ for the trailers templates and I adjust them a little when needed.


JohnnyBoy59, iconRJ


8 Responses to Bring Owned Trailers and Workshop for making your owned Trailer Skin

  1. Kimmer says:

    Thank you.

  2. Will Bradshaw says:

    could you let me know what DDS you used DXT1 or other, with or without Alpha channel, my trailers are coming out pink 😮

    • JohnnyBoy59 says:

      That is because the i.e. paint_job_mask: “/vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/paintjob/scs_box/*****/pjm_at_0x6144_size_4096x2048.tobj” point to the wrong .tobj vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/paintjob/scs_box/*****/pjm_at_0x6144_size_4096x2048.tobj
      The line in the TOBJ editor must be good and point to the good vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/paintjob/scs_box/*****/pjm_at_0x6144_size_4096x2048.tobj
      One mismatch don’t you see the $$$$$.dss

  3. HunterGaming says:

    No File found in the Link

  4. Pierre says:

    Hi ! Thanks for your tutorial. I watch your video and i follow all steps but my skin appear black on all my trailers. Can you help me please ? Thanks you
    PS : i m french, sorry if my english is bad

  5. Base says:

    It doesn’t work. Mod manager can’t detect file in folder…. 🙁

  6. Bob Gervais says:

    I can confirm the link WORKS AS SPECIFIED. I use adblock as well so i have no shitty ads blocking my download,maybe that is the issue for those who have problems.

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