Bring Owned Trailers and Workshop for making your owned Trailer Skin

Bring owned trailers for 1.32.

And also in this pack you also find a workshop and templates to make your owned trailers skin for ETS 2 1.32.

With this Bring trailers, workshop and templates for owned trailers you have a good pack 🙂

Credits iconRJ for the trailers templates and I adjust them a little when needed.


JohnnyBoy59, iconRJ


13 Responses to Bring Owned Trailers and Workshop for making your owned Trailer Skin

  1. Kimmer says:

    Thank you.

  2. Will Bradshaw says:

    could you let me know what DDS you used DXT1 or other, with or without Alpha channel, my trailers are coming out pink 😮

    • JohnnyBoy59 says:

      That is because the i.e. paint_job_mask: “/vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/paintjob/scs_box/*****/pjm_at_0x6144_size_4096x2048.tobj” point to the wrong .tobj vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/paintjob/scs_box/*****/pjm_at_0x6144_size_4096x2048.tobj
      The line in the TOBJ editor must be good and point to the good vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/paintjob/scs_box/*****/pjm_at_0x6144_size_4096x2048.tobj
      One mismatch don’t you see the $$$$$.dss

  3. HunterGaming says:

    No File found in the Link

  4. Pierre says:

    Hi ! Thanks for your tutorial. I watch your video and i follow all steps but my skin appear black on all my trailers. Can you help me please ? Thanks you
    PS : i m french, sorry if my english is bad

  5. Base says:

    It doesn’t work. Mod manager can’t detect file in folder…. 🙁

  6. Bob Gervais says:

    I can confirm the link WORKS AS SPECIFIED. I use adblock as well so i have no shitty ads blocking my download,maybe that is the issue for those who have problems.

  7. kaddyel says:


  8. Danie Moller says:

    i have downloaded the file but according to the tutorial i must go into the bring owned trailer file but i cant open it beause it is a scs file??

    • danny b says:

      same problem here let me know if there’s a fix ty.

      • snowmanreed says:

        i Had the same Problem as a Lot of people here with this , but here is the solution i found worked for me .
        Once you un zip the Mod and you find inside an scs File that cant be opened no click on this file too edit its name then were it says .scs change that too .rar ,when you do this it will flag it as “this might cos an error message” but just click yes then it should open up with all the files and DDS.

        hope that is of help

  9. David says:

    Can anybody help me? I have a little problem. If I put on the skin in the shop, the first half of the trailer is like the skin I made, and the second half of the trailer is like the original bring skin and the 2 skins flow into each other. How can I solve it? Thanks in advance :D

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