Broshuis 5 axis Trailer with Wind Turbine Blade v 2.0


– Standalone Trailer
– Cargo: Vattenfall Rotorblatt
– Weight: 19 tons ( real or unreal, no matter )

Version 2.0:
– Trailer mounted further back
– Trailer higher

Authors: Roadhunter, Richard Vlastuin. Trucker92, Loogie, Sirano Vabis, Tegepa, Ventures87


11 thoughts on “Broshuis 5 axis Trailer with Wind Turbine Blade v 2.0

  1. «OZBORN»

    picture on messy text!

  2. truck link please roadhunter its cool

  3. version 2.0

    another crappy #### !

    [sdk] prism::sdk::telemetry_set_provider: Attempt to set provider for non-existent index 9 on channel ‘trailer.wheel.substance’

    1. Roadhunter

      Don´t like…don´t use…

    2. Baba Origley,

      You don’t speak like that on SCS forum so why do it here?

      Have some respect for the people who make mods, especially since you contribute nothing back.

  4. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. Just started using this version. So far, no problems. Have/still been using version 1.0 and the 3 axle version too.

    Appreciate the work put into these trailers. Please continue to create more new & interesting trailers.

  5. Nimeni_Altu

    – Anyone some f*cking NEWS about TSM MAP for this new version of ETS2?
    – for v1.11.1?

  6. Guerreiro

    I already have TSM 5.7.1.
    is available to down load at the TSM site

  7. guerreiro

    I already have TSM 5.7.1.
    is available to down load at the Saite of TSM

  8. Sportive17

    Really looking forward to seeing the mods you have made??? As Roadhunter says if you don’t like, don’t use! Roadhunter,really like all your trailers and looking forward to many more.

  9. The trailer stucks when leaving the train station (happens at all stations).I can not move the trailer without calling the breakdown service.

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