Brutal Environment HD Engine 3.1

Brutal-Environment-HD-engine-3.1-1 Brutal-Environment-HD-engine-3.1-2

– Sunrise : 5.00
– Sunset : 21:00
– Many many new sound effects + older repairing
– Recommended driver mod button “6” (cab not hear external noise)
– Insert my 20.000 HP engin and 5 speed transmission all truck version
– Opened level 10

Author: Stewen

DOWNLOAD 455 MB Yellow lines
DOWNLOAD 455 MB White lines

45 Responses to Brutal Environment HD Engine 3.1

  1. Endre says:

    works with tsm 4.5.9?

  2. ovidiu says:

    Master I am not going to download that would be the problem?

  3. mankata78 says:

    both mod you need to enable?

  4. mankata78 says:

    2mod you activate?

  5. Angelo says:

    No, one mod is for yellow lines that divides the lanes of the road and the other is for white lines that divides the lanes of the road.

  6. mankata78 says:

    thank you 🙂

  7. tunak says:

    I think the pastel colors of the vanilla game are much more realistic (thats my opinion) but thanks for the effort

  8. Xpolt says:

    No funciona sharemod.

  9. debysanyi says:

    Kép alapján jó munkának tűnik, de sajna nem tudom tölteni egyiket sem, valamiért nem akar megindulni a letöltés…

  10. Stewen says:

    Share mods allow a maximum of 500 MB.
    Other file share max 200 MB.
    Many people spend down

  11. ovidiu says:

    I managed to download Thank you for what you do for us are a master.

  12. Lewi says:

    Ígéretes! Köszi a modot! 😀

  13. Darko says:

    I really admire your BRUTAL ENVIRONMENT it is always with TSM on my rig but what a heck is 20 000 HP ???? It is unrealistic and totally useless for every person who want their truck to be more realistic. SO a BIIG YES for BE and a BIIIG NO for 20000HP 😉 Thanks for your good work mate !

  14. Gábor says:

    Engem profil betöltésnél kidob, patchel és Heavy Alex mappal. Miért?

    • Stewen says:

      Új profilt kellene csinálni valszeg nem ismerem a heavy alex map-ot. ez a verzió az alap térképhez és az összes TSM (4.x.x) tartalmaz új textúrákat, skripteket és hangokat. Elvileg minden map-el működnie kellene (a téliekhez nem ajánlanám) de tesztelésünk során erre a kettőre koncentráltunk hogy hibák nélkül működjön és az sikerült is. javaslom a user-dokumentumok-Euro truck simulator 2- game.log és a gamecrash.log tanulmányozását. első körben talán tedd fel azös patch-et. valszeg megoldja a problémát.

  15. ovidiu says:

    but why not go and PROMODS map? I like me out of the game.

  16. Stewen says:

    Promods to many problems.
    only Def file not funcional The mod will NOT work without this file etc.
    I do not trust him, not tested.

  17. trucker says:

    works with and mario map v.5.5 ?

    • Stewen says:

      works mario map not known.
      I think yes, please test.

  18. Robisierra says:

    Why the heck did you put sound mods for trucks in this mod, and I can say – very poor sounds

    • Stewen says:

      Your favorite sound mod (*.scs) file use:
      for example volvo.scs – rename z-volvo.scs and overwrite Brutal environment Volvo truk sounds.

  19. Stewen says:

    Dear Brutal Users.

    I was given the name X-Brutal environment left after loophole mod files after “X” font (Y,Z) options and overwrites another Brutal environment Script, Textures, and Sounds.

  20. DanCoreRS says:

    hi they make for Promods?

  21. Trucker-ford says:

    not working mode Brutal Environment HD Engine 3.1 ejects as soon as the running game will be adapted to all tickets modes, making such a fashion without losing the Test of time

    • Stewen says:

      My Brutal 3.1 engine itself NO demage neither ETS2 Default map neither TSM 4.5.9
      error can be another MOD file.

      No errors No warnings

      please analizing Log files (user-document-Euro truck simulator 2 – game.log.txt or game.crash.log.txt)

  22. Trucker-ford says:

    Not working mode Brutal Environment HD Engine 3.1 with the map promods-map-v152.scs, and immediately ejected out of the game will not even run

  23. Stewen says:

    Pro mod map not testing, to many problem pro mod map.

  24. Schaffisen says:

    I need to remove the old Xbrutal

  25. Schaffisen says:

    How come the game crashes as soon as I start the game with Brutal Environment HD Engine 3.1 activated? It works fine with 2.1 and 3.0 however 3.1 just crashes the game. I’m playing on a custom map (scandinavia) could that be the problem?

  26. pablo says:

    it only contains sounds?? what about the grapich something change??

    • Stewen says:

      graphic something change 4.1 coming soon.
      sunrise sunset longer lasts, grass green change, more external sounds, etc.
      home alone development plan had four seasons but unfortunately there can be no.
      no time.

      • pablo says:

        thanks body since you fix my problem with the side skirt light in the scania i preffer your mods jejejej
        i use it since 1.4
        and fix by myself this how?? i dont know jajajaj
        keep your work…great work!

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