Brutal Environment HD engine 3



New Night Sky and Light…
More Strong contrast textures…
Night Crash Barier light….
Fix horizont FOG Nice weather, Bad weather, Storm weather….
and many many more…

More pictures:

Best Regards


DOWNLOAD 267 MB Yellow lines
DOWNLOAD 267 MB White lines

42 Responses to Brutal Environment HD engine 3

  1. Ednish says:

    kacak’s ENB series is much better then this

    • Blunt says:

      It’s all about personal taste.

      I like this one much more.

      The enb one has way too much colour and i hate the way too dark roads.

      • ciprriano says:

        Indeed, the roads is too dark and has a strong strange reflection

    • Stewen says:

      kacak’s ENB series not supported TSM map.

      first loading Kacak mod after Loading TSM map overvrite Kacak MOD…


  2. ciprriano says:

    Thank you, I appreciate the effort, I know it’s hard work,the contrast textures is amazing so real , excellent work , Keep going

  3. Stewen says:

    Thank You

  4. DanCoreRS says:

    Good morning. I wanted to ask if it is normal that the guard rail in the dark so lights?

    • Stewen says:


      My motivation no photorealysm.
      My motivation spectacular pleasant game.

  5. DanCoreRS says:


  6. DanCoreRS says:

  7. TRINIDAD34 says:

    Again the moon is too big. Look at the real sky. the moon is much smaller.

    • Stewen says:

      Moon Size default Big.
      Can not be changed…
      If you change the size of a large behind him!

  8. DanCoreRS says:

    I drive the Promods v1.5.2 (Christmas Edition) is so not your mod?

  9. DanCoreRS says:

    I’m sorry I write with google translate.

    I meant whether the Brutal Environment HD engine 3 does not work with Promods?

    • Stewen says:

      default map : perfect …
      ALL TSM maps : perfect …

      many maps are not perfect full of bugs
      therefore been developed my engine only TSM maps

  10. GenericName says:

    This is a fantastic mod! But can you make it so the night time starts at 20:00 and the day starts at 6:00?

    • Stewen says:

      everyone wants it I rewrites 🙂

      • Theosz says:

        Thx for your effort and share your mod. Pretty cool.

        About the light of day/night hours to starting and ends, is it not true the different contries have different starting?

        is it possible the game controls this difference (if did not already happens)?

        Example: the night close France/Spain starting 6pm, and close England/north of Germany starting 21/22pm?

        it is not too important do that, but is it possible?

        • Stewen says:

          Sorry not.
          The weather (Nice, Bad, Strong)
          Not Country dependent, but Time.

          This is Factory Default Summer map summer time.

          can be programmed differently files:
          Map “DEF” nice_weather.sii, bad_weather.sii, storm_weather.sii…

  11. Stewen says:

    This version replacement sunrise, and sunset.

    Sunrise : 05h
    sunset : 21h

    white road line

    yellow road line

    Best regards.

  12. chokito says:

    excuse me download the yellow road line but does not work during the game, if not missing some file so I can run

  13. chokito says:

    and download it again but only see the broken yellow lines .. but is not the single yellow line and double line .. ask and was told that a file that is on the folder is missing .. Def – World ( road.ssi)me missing this file¡¡ you could give me this file or give solution so I can run?

    • Stewen says:

      road.ssi file not replaced my engine. replaced textures.
      yes it works, and does not freeze

  14. chokito says:

    well my problem is that despite not having the mod yellow color appears in the single and double line, although I will not freeze the game .. and if you want appears the yellow line both in single, double and broken so I ask for help or how to do that if you see?¡

    • Stewen says:

      if you want to program the yellow lines are used roadline.ssi
      two problems with this:
      1: After release of patch 1.9 is not working
      2: Another MAP file Use, not working
      so I just replacement many texture files minimal script files.

  15. CalinTM says:

    Where to put this mod ?

    Also anyone could recommend other mods that can make the game better in terms of quality ?

    • Stewen says:

      My Brutal engin replaced many many Texture Original and TSM engine, vegetations, terrains, wheels, Ai colros, asphalts etc…

  16. Endre says:

    playing TSM 4.5.9 after a while the game crash i take out your mode and its working again but i really like Ur mode so i would like to use it .What could you advise? or maybe some bug that u can fix?

    • Stewen says:

      we tested here may not collapse. Neither the base map or the TSM 4.5.9 maybe another mod may cause.

  17. Stewen says:

    game crash investigation.
    User-documents-Euro Truck Simulator 2 – game.log.txt
    User-documents-Euro Truck Simulator 2 – game.crash.txt

  18. Endre says:

    yes ur right i toke out all but yours and now i dont have problems thanks for the reply and sry 🙂

    • Stewen says:


      just annoys the sounds, it is made from Brutal 3.1 where you will exchange 🙂

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