Brutal Environment HD + Sound engine Gold 2015 (1.16.x)


ONLY!!! Ets2 1.16.x version (Not runing Ets2 version 1.14.x and older)

Key Aspects of the “Brutal environment Gold 2015 (1.16.x)” version:

Enhanced gaming Experience

01: Faster FPS than of factory default game!
02: running operation without “errors” and “warnings”
03: default game & trucksim map additional textures and scripts expansion.
04: driving, listen 2.1 or 5.1 sound system, enjoy the game my Brutal HD + sound engines Gold (1.16.x) !

Warning : Please use game settings “Color correction OFF” Guarantied Faster FPS use Only Brutal HD + SOUND engine + External

volume up mods! If Used Other MOD files, losses This faster FPS option.

This version “yellow road lines”.

deleted this “” and use Game default white line !

If Rename usage white road line:
delete material/road/ or rename material/road/ to and overwrite.

my lines version white:
material/road/ (not use game this form)

my lines version yellow:
material/road/ (not use game this form)

game use “” form.

Credits: Stewen, tagagaba53, and prohardver forum users & testers.


DOWNLOAD 702 MB main
DOWNLOAD 702 MB only HD engine
DOWNLOAD 279 MB only sound engine
DOWNLOAD 4 KB external volume up
DOWNLOAD 4 KB no damage

40 Responses to Brutal Environment HD + Sound engine Gold 2015 (1.16.x)

  1. EJTruckingINC says:

    Awesome love your mod..the best Cheers!!!

  2. Gulak says:

    Thanks man.Great mod agein.

  3. Human says:

    Stewen, can I use your engine and/or transmissions mod in bonus engine mod what i have plan relise of new version soon. I hope I can use

  4. viktorija says:

    can you create mod for car?

  5. muppet says:

    Four files need install? The main file has same name than Engine but different size. Your gold premium version had not “main” file. Four files needed to run the full pack? i suppose “no damage” is optional. Thanks!

  6. wegger says:

    Great job as usual!

  7. Stewen says:

    main link and only hd engine link identical.
    error notice.

  8. Joe says:

    You still can’t hear the A.I’s engine sounds, you can only hear yours a bit louder. I don’t think it’s worth 280Mb.

  9. Hauser says:

    The best mod. Thank You.

  10. stilo73 says:

    Thank you Stewen You are the man!..Best mod ever,keep you hard work..

  11. Chema_C says:

    Thanks for mod, it’s awesome. However, as mentioned above, it seems both files “Main” and “HD engine” are the same

  12. Alex Knoks says:

    Stewen Please Singel Link 😀

  13. muppet says:

    90-100 fps at night with a gtx260. Good work Stewen u have no rival.

  14. horsepower says:

    another link please

  15. Briman44 says:

    All I can say is WOW !!! and above all thank you. I use a laptop and this just made my game. It is a total inhansment for me. ACE job

  16. Guy says:

    Looks absolutely amazing. A big improvement from previous version. Everything works except the No damage mod. I am using TSM map 5.3.1 and Russia Map 1.4.7. Awesome job! Keep it up. Thanks Stewen!!

    • Stewen says:

      My No damage mod file working. Other mod files overwrite my no damage settings.
      remove all other mod files and see it.

  17. Atlantik says:

    This mod is boring big size and repetitive. Always the same simple graphics and same unreal color of vegetation. The only good thing in the mod are the roads textures. For the rest the best mod is Improved Weather

    • Stewen says:

      I do not see any of the you mods that you write and better.

  18. eli says:

    works on version 1.15?
    thank you

  19. haruka says:

    file is corrupt another dl please

  20. Joaquín says:

    Maybe it’s only me, but I find this mod very unrealistic, I preffer the native graphics.

  21. ivan says:

    ola buenas esta caido link DESCARGAR 702 MB motor sólo HD kiero descargarlo y no va un saludo

  22. misterbasi says:

    i use this mod, but my trailer wheels was changed, how change to default ..

  23. AD23 says:

    Thanks for the update! I run an intel HD with a celeron lol! and its made my Framerate increase tenfold! Epic haha

  24. sat_komando says:

    Hi Stewen is your mod compatible with improved weather r5?

  25. muppet says:

    Hi Stewen. The Skies and lighting of realistic lighting mod is amazing but not compatible with brutal. Can u contact with the author to add those lighting effects to brutal? It would be fantastic!

  26. Trucker Nick says:

    Hi so if I understand your description correctly if I use any other mod at all the faster FPS is disabled or only if I use different sound mods? I have an interior volume increase mod that I would like to continue using but could do away with for better FPS as well as a couple truck and engine sound mods that I would not want to play the game without.

  27. Donlayn says:

    Hi, the best graphic and environmental mod that I’ve tried.

    With similar mods my game had few FPS and much lag, with this mod my game is much faster and with more FPS.

    Congratulations and good job Stewen, keep it up 🙂

  28. JacksMafia says:

    iam using the mod it’s great only one problem i drive normally and suddenly i hit invisible bump and it makes damage to my truck that’s never happens before i use the mod can some one tell me how to fix it i really like this mod and i want to use it

  29. Kisficek says:

    Szia Stewen

    ugylátom Magyar vagy jó a mod a MAC verzióra is csak egy Ohaha volvohoz hozzárakhatnád a váltót és a Motort 🙂


    Very Good mod on OSX Version, but pls make the engine and Gearbox for Volvo Ohaha thx 🙂

    • Stewen says:

      Szia. A gyári updateket követem egyenlőre nem tudok új volvóról az 1.16x-es verziónál, pedig mivel steam-esem van még a bétákat is azonnal leszedetem… ergó, ami a gyári játékban alapban vannak vontatók, azoknál mindnél működik a váltóm is és a motor is. tesztelték már jó páran 🙂

      • Kisficek says:

        Jajam működik énis avval megyek 🙂 és eddig akadásmentes a téma mindennél szal egy szavam sincsen 😀 csak gondoltam megkérdezem, meg majd ugye lesz az 1.17x hez is nem? pl merci

        • Stewen says:

          remélhetőleg lesz. a kedves tesztelők is számítanak rá tehát rajtam sem múlhat.

  30. Vinoth says:

    Hai…. It is not download in plz send another link or send the mod to our mail id plz…… i have tried to one month… plz help me ?

  31. Vinoth says:

    Hai Stewen., Please Send the another link(Mediafire).. has not downloaded in our system…. please send mediafire link…..

  32. Human says:

    Please next time separate trucks engines and transmission so if wish use can use if no then no show in game

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