bugatti chiron 2021

This new sports car bugatti chiron 2021
High quality interior and exterior
Then the use of carbon material in the interior
I made a 100% realistic sports sound
The wheels are original
Wipers and windows work fine
Speedometers work perfectly and are correct
You will enjoy this car with super speed
engine spaces : 9000 RPM Top Speed 422KH

Note: I see all the comments. Any problem, report it in the comments. Thank you, my dear friend





16 thoughts on “bugatti chiron 2021

  1. Ho can you make BMW G20 330i/ G80?

  2. Hi, please make the brakes better, cause it takes 2 weeks for it to slow down. Thanks

  3. The brake brakes too little

    1. yep I agree

      1. Lamborghini urus and bentley continental gt please

    2. g_brake_intensity write this code to console and start from value 3 then 3.1 if note enough 3.2 continiue with adding 0.1 and find the best for you

  4. Super samochód, dałbyś radę zrobić audi a4b6 kombi Avant

  5. malikbingo

    please make peugeot 301 2015 or 2018

  6. You did a really nice job guys, GG! I was waiting for this car for such a long time, so I’m glad for having it now. You should update the license plate to custom from different cities.

  7. Please make standalone model. Your Bugatti is in conflict with your Audi. And you made an inaccuracy, there are no light signals on the bumper, there are reflectors (On Audi you made the same mistake) Thank you very much for a good mod

  8. I’ve been waiting that car on ETS2 for so long, im so happy to see a mod introducing this car into the game and i immediatly tested it.

    The first point is the noise of the car, it actually sounds bad and annoying and actually it doesn’t even sound like a car.

    Secondly, i found out by driving the bugatti is the low ability to turn especially when you’re speeding over 160km/h. Because of that, i can’t even test the max speed of this car and can’t go further than the 300km/h on only one section of the map.

    Third point is the brake. It takes so long when you’re braking to actually stop.

    However, the body of the car is well made but it would be nice if there was more customisable option for the look of the car.

  9. lowstrxrs

    the brakes is too slow

  10. gkvfjx gaming

    ets2 Dealer DAF game crash mod not working fixed help update please 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    1. me too

  11. please remove windshield reflection

  12. Ali khan

    Hi i downloaded it but it doesnt showing the sterring wheel idk why i think its a glitch can u pls fix it for me thanks

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