Bus Passenger Transport and Terminal Mode v2


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You need to deactivate the Scandinavia DLC by putting it ( dlc_north.scs) from your installation folder to another of your choice or you can write -no_dlc eut2_north in the Launch Options box of Euro Truck Simulator like the screenshot below to disable the DLC:

Ets2 1.16 map passanger mod:José gonçalves
Ets2 1.19 map pasanger all edit:Ghostlord
Mercedes-Benz TRAVEGO Shd-15:ByMetin44
Mb Jetbus:Muhammad Husni, Markus Mod
Bus pack İndonesia:Group Indonesia
Respect download link! Thanks!

Scs, José gonçalves, by Metin44, Muhammad Husni, Markus Mod ,Ghostlord


5 thoughts on “Bus Passenger Transport and Terminal Mode v2

  1. how use it ? Need other buses mod ? not see anyone in the bus station.

  2. maulana rizqi

    mas cara menginstalnya gimana mas, tlong bantuanya dong ,,,,??
    trus klo udah di instal ntar prmainanya tiba2 k’luar sendiri…..?????

  3. My ETS2 version is and using Steam. Is this mod compatible with my version? It will be useless if i download this mod then it’s not compatible.

  4. link error

  5. kok pas mau download tulisanya no file

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